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Sunday, July 19, 2015

What Americans are saying about Trump's blasting McCain's Military record #HNNPolitics

Trump in Trouble... Should he apologize for blasting McCain's military record? Americans are speaking out on Facebook.

  • Daniel Dean Roberts McCain should apologize for calling himself a Republican.
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    • Deb Stettler Good answer. Lol
      Like · 12 · 10 hrs
    • Chuck Baxter He's more Republican than most Republicans, the Republican party looks more like the Democrats every day.
      Like · 9 · 9 hrs
    • Mike Williams He's more of a democrat than a republican . He's a self serving RINO !!
      Like · 23 · 9 hrs
    • Daniel Dean Roberts I'm for the Republican Party embracing diversity. There are many 'closeted' conservatives out there that have stepped forward in recent years, but NOT because of politicians like McCain. If you're defending McCain then I respect your opinion Chuck, but I politely and wholeheartedly disagree.
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    • Paula Davis Diversity and illegal aliens flooding the country draining all our resources are two entirely different matters.
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    • Connie Ciervo I respect McCain's Military Service. I do not respect him. He is part of the reason Obama won the first time. He has constantly capitulated to Obama and the Dems on vitaly important issues. I've never been a fan of Trump but it is totally refreshing to...See More
      Like · 26 · 8 hrs
    • Donna Newman That wasn't the question.
      Like · 8 hrs
    • Hank Childers Yes he should nothing but a DIMRAT LIBTURD just go away all ready
      Like · 1 · 8 hrs
    • Roger Womack I am not a republican any more because they are too much like democrats and MCain is one of those !
      Like · 7 · 8 hrs
    • Georgia Wellman Walker/Cruz-2016!!!
      Like · 2 · 8 hrs
    • Dennis Ryan As well as so many other "Republicans" in name only.
      Like · 2 · 8 hrs
    • Demi Walker Liberals/Democrats think the comment by Trump about McCain were inappropriate BUT they have always made this same comment. Double standard or scared of the Trump and how he has opened the door to conversation on illegal immigration. Not a fan of Trump but believe he has the right to his 1st Amendment right to "run his mouth"!
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    • Kathy Beacraft Right he did not help veterans. He helped Obama with Iran treaty by not fighting it.
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    • Kathy Armstrong Good answer
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    • Jim Graham McCain calls people that listen to anyone but him "CRAZIES" Im not crazy John........... just looking for someone, anyone to lead ! You hde your chance "my Friend" And you told us, QUOTE " You don't have to be afraid of Barack Obama, he's a good dec...See More
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    • Thomas Geray I understand what he did for his country then... But have you seen what he has done TO our country latelu. He like some others in D.C.should go home and live under the laws they passed. Dont worry John u will still get ur millions in PAC money. At lea...See More
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    • Ken Bendy McCain should retire ! He goes around insulting other Republicans then hides behind his service record !
      Like · 6 · 7 hrs
    • Robert P. Todd Trump is more of a RINO than McCain is at his worst, Trump is prochoice, pro assault rifle ban contributed to Hillary's campaigns.
      Like · 2 · 6 hrs
    • Nancy Hall Trump should apologize for calling himself a Republican.
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    • Leal Ricardo Jr. McCain should aplogize to the State of Arizona for calling the people there crazies and to the Republican Party.
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    • Kandy Faye Flint ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ @ Daniel
      Like · 1 · 6 hrs
    • Melinda Alaniz Absolutely Daniel so tired of this being so one sided.
      Like · 1 · 5 hrs
    • Karen Lindsey Absolutely!
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    • Ken Bendy He's a RINO !!!
      Like · 1 · 5 hrs
    • Bill McComas Jr. Indeed....unfortunately I voted for him when he ran, but regret that now, seeing the lack luster performance and his turncoat policy shifts in recent years. If McCain can't take the heat, RETIE, as you should have a long time ago. Some career politicians get a "I'm so perfect attitude" the longer they serve. To me, McCain is one of those.
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    • Bill McComas Jr. ..RETIRE....
      Like · 3 · 5 hrs
    • Daniel McCluskey hahahahahaha yes
      Like · 2 · 5 hrs
    • Jeff Spilman I agree his is a rino, leave his war record alone. attack his senate record all you want
      Like · 6 · 4 hrs
    • Valerie Belmonte He called the tea party folks Hobbits McCain did and never apologized. When he was running against Obama I should have just stayed home he was the worst what he didn't do to Sarah Palin.
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    • Connie Ciervo Bill McComas Jr. There should NOT be any Career Politicians. They become isolated and out of touch with Main Street Americans! Our founding fathers never intended for our legislators to become full time career politicians. This is precisely why we are...See More
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    • Connie Ciervo Valerie, if McCains advisors and his daughter had listened to Sarah Palin Obama wouldn't be our President today!!!!!
      Like · 3 · 2 hrs
    • Jeff Spilman the VA is a mess because it is ran by the government. how can anyone be surprised, vets need to get waivers to go to regular hospitals.
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    • Jeff Spilman I held my nose and voted for McCain on 2008, he is a rino like his buddy graham. Anyone that has a chance to leave a pow camp and stays with the other prisoners is a hero in my book
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    • Kay Evans-Brown Robert P. Todd I suggest you do some research BEFORE you talk a bunch of nonsense. What you say is NOT TRUE! Google it!
      Like · 2 · 2 hrs
    • Jim Carey You got that right!
      Like · 1 · 1 hr
    • Christiffer Burnam Go Hillary!
      Like · 1 · 33 mins
    • Daniel Flynn I agree
    • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
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  • Jeff Richards Let me get this straight Trump needs to apologize to McCain for his comment but McCain doesnt need to apologize for calling 1/5 of the republic base crazies......wheres my apologize McCain
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    • Mayrene Powell I'm offended 
      Like · 5 · 9 hrs
    • Mayrene Powell I want an apology also !
      Like · 7 · 9 hrs
    • Virginia Azadian I also want an apology!
      Like · 7 · 9 hrs
    • Boomer Levelle So do I!!!!!!!!! McNut is a scum bag!
      Like · 8 · 9 hrs
    • Mike Williams Me too !!
      Like · 4 · 9 hrs
    • Bailee Barnes Like the McNuts!
      Like · 5 · 9 hrs
    • Connie Ciervo Agreed. I'd also add that McCain needs to apologize to the American people for cowering to Obama the first time he ran. Which allowed Obama to win. McCain is partly responsible for the mess we're in!!!!!
      Like · 14 · 8 hrs
    • Irma Seabury You need to thank only those that wore the uniform and apologize to them as well for being a coward in not serving your country.
      Like · 2 · 8 hrs
    • George Harpe McCain needs to apologize... And go away...
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    • Irma Seabury Connie, big business runs the show not McCain and voters get to choose which puppet will be placed in the whitehouse.
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    • Lynn Feliziani McCain needs to apologize to the American people for giving us Obama. In 2008 I voted for McCain, but wasn't thrilled about it. Why? Because there wasn't much of a choice between the two of them. I only voted for McCain because I liked Palin, and I still do!
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    • Alan Schnars McCain crashed more planes than he landed. He nearly sank an aircraft carrier for Christ sake. The only reason he wasn't dishonorably discharged was because his daddy was an admiral.
      Like · 6 · 8 hrs
    • Boomer Levelle Ima Seabury you're crazy!!!! Donald Trump has nothing to apologize to any member of my family that's a veteran he's telling the truth for my family!
      Like · 5 · 3 hrs · Edited
    • Kandy Faye Flint ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ @ Jeff
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    • Michelle Ann Jehmu Greene calledDonald J. Trump a douche bag, and called conservatives crazies Fox Anchor didnt call her out for the statements
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    • Tim Meriwether @ Irma Seabury.. by your logic all those who did not serve should apologize to those who did. Was Trump outta line? I would say yes and he should apologize for the fact that McCain was a POW in the worst hell hole any service member could ever be held ...See More
      Like · 2 · 3 hrs
    • Frank Hagan Alan are You sure John McCain almost sank a carrier? Are You sure He wasn't waiting in line to get on the Catapult?
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    • Victoria Northern-Miller Did you guys sacrifice your wel 'll being
      Like · 3 hrs
    • Victoria Northern-Miller For this country be enlisting?
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    • Don Liv No need to apologize just read Johns book and you'll know what the Donald is referring too. Now I still think both these men should have refrained from the statements re "Crazies" and "Maybe he is a hero "
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    • Jim Carey Fat chance of that happening! McCain is a CLOWn and more of a Democrat than a Republican.!
      Like · 4 · 1 hr
    • Debbie Andrew Schreiner Donald J. Trump has my vote. He doesn't need to ask anyone to support his campaign. The rest are puppets. They receive the money if they do what they are told.
      Like · 4 · 1 hr
    • Connie Ciervo I understand that perfectly Irma Seabury. But and this is a BIG BUT!!! A Real Leader can bypass Big Business, Big Labor and Party Bosses by bringing their Arguments to the American People. There truly is a Silent MAJORITY. If they get Fed Up like they ...See More
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    • Robin Hatcher Stacy Well I want an apology too. I had a brother wounded twicw, missing in action, helicopter crash no one called him a hero. but hes mine
    • Robin Hatcher Stacy Trump says what the rest of us think
    • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
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  • Wayne Johnson Trump doesn't need to apologize for anything
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    • William Weber He does need to be careful though and not give his opponents easy ammo like this. GO TRUMP 2016!!!
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    • Kelly M. Dillon What has McCain done to help fellow Vets? Absolutely nothing! To me that is worse
      Like · 5 · 6 hrs
    • Melinda Alaniz McCain used his war story for political gain and did nothing to help our vets glad he was never president.
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    • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
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  • Patty Snider No! I think McCain owes the American people many apologies.
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  • Cathy Howe Stewart McCain started it by calling the people who turned out to hear Trump, "crazies". Besides McCain is on record admitting to giving the VietCong information. And when he was running his lame campaign, he only drew large crowds when he had Palin with him. McCain and his loudmouth daughter need to take it somewhere else.
    Like · Reply · 926 · 10 hrs
  • Logan Evans I agree he should absolutely apologize for this, but McCain is a Republican in name only. He's a rhino. Trump is upsetting the Republican norms by saying things voters have been saying for years. Difference is now voters see what their own congressman, congresswoman, & senators well only partially stand up for. Why ? Cause they're worried about reelection.
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