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Monday, July 6, 2015

OPINION: Why #Nigeria needs a military government to fight #BokoHaram-Kemi Olunloyo

What ‪#‎Nigeria‬ needs is a strong MILITARY dictator who will NOT dip into the treasury and eradicate this fake democracy that's not working. When I was growing up in 1975, our dictators made sure oil was N5 per liter, a whole chicken was N50 and the dollar and pound were 1 to 0.5 naira. Today no more one naira note, the teachers went on strike 1979 and leaked WAEC and everyone started sending kids abroad. Tickets were N400 round trip, First class N600. Today, those are N300,000 and N1.2million now, then we had Abacha who kept the oil at N11 per liter while he looted Nigeria dry. There was no constitution to impeach him and if there was one, Nigerians will prolly not do a thing. Imagine 234 girls are missing and nobody is even doing a thing about it if they are even missing, something I'm the only media figure discounted as fake. 

Not Jonathan or PMB's govt has done anything timely. Nigeria is a weak country with daily terrorism Boko Haram blowing up that same hospital again today and yet hausas keep telling me they are not muslims. Why are your ppl shouting Allah and Sai Buhari when they blow themselves up. I'm not the one to advocate treason but pls Buhari is NOT a military dictator, he is retired. We need a hard hand in this country and a dissolved constitution. Amnesty International is still complaining about the violations but may be ignoring what the terrorists are doing>> killing people. The British said the army will rule Nigeria for the next 50 years. Really? As what? Gen OBJ, GMB, David Mark, Jonah Jang etc etc? So glad Nigerian army is making a show of force in Maiduguri for Nigerian Armed Forces Day. It's not long to see the real change--KOO

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