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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Nigerian Blogger and Fake Lawyer Tokunbo Aboderin (@Esabod) DEFRAUDS Ibadan youth of N240,000

Esther Toks Aboderin via Facebook
Esther Toks Aboderin, an unemployed Irish based Blogger (She's supposed to be a lawyer) I hear that she worked for APC during the campaign and she recruited youth to register for some work with her. One girl's email was circulated over social media saying that Aboderin collected N240,000 Naira from her. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around. Tokunbo later told the youth that the money paid her by the campaign had not come through yet. These kids are defrauded into paying large sums to secure jobs etc etc.

All efforts to reach her failed. She taints her own twitter handle attacking everyone on social media. Is this really a TV show personality with sponsors, she must not have any with her numerous Facebook personal pages. lets wait to see if she pays up! The Irish community calls her very tacky. She can now add thief to her long list of designations.

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