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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My LAST DAY as a #Journalist #Blogger #PRSpecialist #Pharmacist-Thank You Nigeria by Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

It's TIME for me to move on. Many of you read a rumour in blogs last month that I was leaving Journalism, PR and Pharmacy for a new venture. I spent 20, 26 and 19 years in each of these professions simultaneously. I read all kinds of things in Nigeria about me that is just written for vicious hate while nobody really knows anything about me. For the 3 years I have lived in Nigeria, nobody has seen me anywhere but just my cousin Dare Art Alade's concert yearly and the Social Media awards or TedEx events. There is a reason behind my living in a computer and not socializing in Nigeria with anyone. When you keep to yourself, you are happier. I started blogging in 1999 as which became Atlanta's leading media news blog then in Canada HipHossip, Canada's leading music blog which transformed to HNNAfrica World news for Nigerians. Many of you always want to climb the ladder with nothing up there for you. I will rather be on the bottom of the ladder with a lot of happiness than at the top with sadness and a big fall later. The potential in KOO is way bigger than that. After 3 years in Nigeria coming home from my deportation from Canada, the Canadian govt issued me that 10 year business only visa I  don't need as I can't live there again, I have learned a lot from global affairs when I tried to fix my own community in a country where guns flow and children are killed senselessly. It took one child to change everything for me. Ephraim Brown. He was only 11yo and was SHOT to death behind my house by gang members 8 years ago today July 22nd 2007, I became an activist for change. William Junior Appiah was killed on a basketball court at 18yo, 5pm broad daylight Sept 16th 2008. Many were murdered along the way. Today I run my own Kids Foundation without funds from the government yet. The Nigerian govt has not been settled to the point that it even has funds to give. Many have not been paid at jobs, children are hungry everywhere. I have thus decided to leave HNNAfrica today to continue my work on the streets of Nigeria to reach every child. I was once a child, my two children are all adults and I know the hardships of raising children especially as a single mom and from the perspective of the many who have lost their children to the insurgency and terrorists in Northern Nigeria. I live in Ibadan where the northern Nigerians flee to the most. Many homeless children dumped here to my city with parents killed. Many children here in Nigeria have been used as suicide bombers or simply gunned down. Today my dedication is only for KemisKids Foundation​ as I exit this Facebook page I will leave it open for memories but there will no longer be any posts. I want to empower children, make them social media aware and improve their lives as a social media personality which will be my new designation. Thank you to everyone who has sent a donation to my foundation in the past, everyone who enjoyed my statuses on Facebook since January 25th 2013 and everyone in Canada, US, UK and USA. The blog will be idle now with only posts from #KemisKids the hashtag. Pls subscribe by entering your email up top to be in touch with my work.

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
@HNNAfrica everywhere online #KemisKids #KemisKids

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