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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How I DEACTIVATED Blogger Tokunbo Aboderin's Facebook multiple FB pages used to Bully ppl #HNNImpact

Ha! Ha! JP turn blogger Tokunbo Aboderin is so SCARED now as she is on the verge of losing her numerous Facebook pages used to bully and harass me and others. To her fans here, she's been tweeting me @HNNAfrica @Healthreports and all my handles to STOP mentioning her name on Facebook. The Iron Lady has melted. This fool does not know that I am also the Iron Lady of social media. #OlodoMumu. 30,000 ppl reported her page overnight. She is very quiet now and some of her fans actually thought Ive blocked her. No she's not blocked. I needed her comments to report her multiple profiles. These are the people who use social media the wrong way.

Thank U Facebook Fans!
Below is my post last night to get her troll pages off Facebook.

I need all 30,000 of my fans on Facebook to report profiles:

Esther Toks Aboderin
Tokunbo Aboderin JP

Not only does she spam my page with harrassment that nobody sees, she is NOT, I repeat NOT allowed to have two profiles. Tokunbo runs a very low life blog in Ireland and she thinks she's something. She's a fraud and not allowed to have TWO profiles. Lets shut her down. Facebook will notify her to CHOOSE one. She is also Otunba Ola Brown. Why do these useless women like excesses? You go to her pages and CLICK REPORT PAGE on the right top corner. Report her for harrassment of a friend and fake pages. She will try to post here shortly and it will be spammed again cos she cannot speak without cursing.

REMEMBER Facebook needs only SIX REPORTS to shut down a page. We have 30,000!!

Thanks fans!! Sleep well. Love ya!

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