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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Bobbi Kristina Brown sued for $730,000 while in coma. #hnnshowbiz

The girl is dying and one man is still trying to collect from her estate WHEN when dies?? Well this is one of those really sad cases.

Three days before Bobbi Kristina Brown was discovered unresponsive lying face down in a bathtub, she was involved in a head-on the collision that reportedly left Russell Eckerman, 41, of Marietta, Ga in critical condition.

According to the New York Daily News, Eckerman filed a lawsuit against Brown with the Fulton County Supreme Court Friday, just over a week after the R&B heiress was moved to a hospice care facility.

In the suit, Eckerman claims that Brown lost control of her vehicle after speeding and tailgating. Her 2005 Jeep Liberty spun out into oncoming traffic and struck Eckerman’s Ford Taurus.

According to one witness, the crash left Eckerman without a pulse and bleeding from his head. He was transported to North Fulton Hospital where he was revived and remained in critical condition for several days. Osse Lessage, another witness, told reporters that Brown rushed to Eckerman’s vehicle after the crash to see if he was okay.

“She was running and screaming, ‘Oh my gosh,’” Lessage said at the time. “My brother-in-law was there (saying) ‘calm down, calm down.’”

Eckerman is requesting $730,000 in damages from Bobby Brown, Pat Houston and the 22-year-old’s conservator Bedelia Hargrove. Ford Motor Company is also listed as a defendant in the case. According to Eckerman, medical expenses stemming from the accident exceed the $730,000 that he is demanding from Brown’s estate.

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