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Monday, July 20, 2015

#AUDIO: #HNNMemorial #RIP 20 years Remembering the Dorsey Family #Woodlawn Bus Stop Tragedy #Baltimore #Maryland

Today is July 20th 2015, a monumental sad day for me. It was 20 yrs ago July 20th 1995 I witnessed 4 children and a mother KILLED right in front of my eyes! One of those kids was 7yo Keisha Dorsey, a classmate to my son who is now almost 29yo. To think Keisha could have been almost 29yo with her own children, career etc hurts me.

#RIP Kim Dorsey-25yo
#RIP Keisha Dorsey-7yo
#RIP Chastity Channel Dorsey-3yo
#RIP Jasmine Little-4yo
#RIP Darian Hough-8yo

Chas Dorsey, Late Kim's stepson the only kid that survived with broken bones and a lacerated chest recovered fully. He was 8yo at the time. They were all on their way to Summer school where the sisters were dropping their kids on their way to work. Kim's sister Karen Fields was Jasmine and Darian's mom-She survived but lost her sister, nieces and children. It was a huge loss for her, where ever she is now, my condolences continue to be with her. All these children were just flower girls and members of a big Dorsey wedding 2 weeks before the tragedy. Wedding photos of them littered the memorials at the scene. May GOD be with this family.

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Listen to the whole story below:

Raymond Haney the driver of the car who I also knew was acquitted and paid a fine. Too SAD!! Haney left town and was devastated as he was also a father he said. It was an ACCIDENT!

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