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Monday, June 1, 2015

#Wellness Why Nigerians are jealous of my VOICE

Your VOICE says a lot about you. Record yours!

To the doubters, stop looking at me when I speak outside in public, I did not live in this country 37 yrs. I find females always calling my accent FAKE! If you ever want to know if my accent is fake, pls try traveling to America, live there 30 yrs and 5 in Canada then return home. You can also listen to my voice on where I am still #1 voice in Canada 2 years straight (Living in Nigeria) ‪#‎Vitaminkemi‬ is a voice blog so stop being jealous of professional voices. State Fam has my voice insured for $5M not $1M US dollars in case I lose it. Most Nigerian broadcasters use the fake British accent except ppl like Jacob at SplashFM 105.5 Ibadan who actually have a real British accent. The Chairman of that station Chief Bayo Akande once said I have the BEST broadcast voice in Nigeria and possibly the world. I am #5 in the world on Reverbnation for spoken voice.


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