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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rapper Rick Ross Arrested in #Georgia USA #hnncrime

rick ross arrested mugshot

Rick Ross has been arrested in Fayette County, Georgia, reports local outlet WSB-TV. The newly svelte rapper was driving a Bentley with windows that were allegedly tinted to an illegal degree. Police officers pulled over the car, and when Ross rolled down the window, officers say they smelled marijuana. They then searched the Bentley and reported finding weed in the car. At press time, Ross was being processed in the Fayette County jail. It wasn’t immediately clear what charges the rapper would face, if any. Almost exactly one year ago, the Def Jam rapper wasarrested in North Carolina for failing to appear in court to address a misdemeanor marijuana charge. After performing at Greensboro’s SuperJam Music Festival, he was taken into custody and later released on $1,000 bail. XXL will continue to have updates as new information about the Georgia case becomes available.

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