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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

OPINION Why every Nigerian Woman MUST drive down the EGOS of every Married man that advances.

Below is why you must drive the EGOS of Nigerian married men down! they are not loyal to their wives and when they are caught, it's suddenly the woman's fault. Expose them!

Credit: Facebook
Tawose Peter Oluwatimilehin: u,ve never married yet u have kids? how come? were u raped? sexually abused or what? or men get between your lap casually without getting married. why do they make such advances at you? coz they know you are .................. undignified posting here

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo: Dumbfucking illiterate ask PSquare, Tuface, Davido and even Ik ogbonna how they had kids before they got married if they are even married yet. I did not know that I have immensely brainwashed morons around my page this much. You need help. Far from undignified, maybe they are undignified with their mumu wives to take a snapshot of their penis masturbating and sending it to me. It's always the woman undignified, that's why I post them all over social media. Go to @kemiOlunloyo on twitter to read them. What a certified asshole

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