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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Missing Canada on Instagram? #HNNkemi

#LIVE #hnntravel I was #deported from #Canada #August 2012 simply because I antagonized #Conservative #gun laws. The long gun registry was thrown out, so U don't need to register a rifle in case you wanna become a mass shooter. I was protecting young black males who seem to be killed more by gun violence. I fled gun violence in Nigeria during the 2007 elections as gunmen ATTACKED all the radio and television stations in #Ibadan including one I worked at leaving several workers injured during the rampage. I fled back to the USA with my children thru Canada which offered me asylum and I took it. A work permit, apartment and free #health care. As my community #activism against guns got intense after watching an 11yo Ephraim Brown get killed on my street by #gang members and an 18yo William Junior Appiah shot to death on a #basketball court. I spoke in the media during the 2011 #Federal #elections in #Canada that Prime Minister #Harper should stop designing gun laws meant to kill black children and boom suddenly my refugee visa was not renewed citing Nigeria was no longer dangerous for Journalists. The most lame excuse to kick me out. I was sent back to #Nigeria unescorted in the most expensive deportation known according to the #Toronto Sun. The Toronto #Police released three statements to the media supporting my work while I was in Cdn saying many gun crimes could not have been solved without me. I was on the cover of all major newspapers but the world had no idea of the real reason I was deported. Always do the right thing in your community regardless of the country. Many NIGERIANS said I should have gotten my permanent residence before getting involved in the community. I wasn't waiting for my child to be the next victim. Today, almost 3 years later, I'm allowed a 10yr business visa but banned from living there on asylum. I remember my fave show Canadian #Idol which invited me as a premium blogger on the set. The show has since been canceled. Follow my gun violence activism @snitchlady on Twitter and Instagram. The journey goes on~~~Kemi
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