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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Amber Rose speaks with Larry King on Ora TV detail interview #HNNshowbiz

Amber Rose on Larry King Now 4

Larry King may be long gone from CNN but he's still interviewing at Ora TV and his latest guest was Amber Rose, the Ex wife of Wiz Khalifa and ex girlfriend to Kanye West. She talked about being the voice of Feminism and also posing nude in Playboy magazine.

On why she and Wiz broke up:

I think we just wanted different things in our lives. Being married in the public is not easy. Having access to everything and anything you want is not easy. We still love each other. I mean, we once really loved each other. We got married and have a baby. Right now we’re just working on co-parenting and learning how to be friends.

We do [see each other a lot]. We co-parent. So he’s at my house a lot for the baby [and], and I’m at his house.

On her “My heart still beats for him” Instagram post:

I think that was my last attempt to save my marriage. I think at that point, it was a bit too late. We kind of already went our separate ways.

Of course [I miss the romance]. I think about the good times, for sure. I’m [dating], yes [he’s dating] but it doesn’t bother me anymore.

On Machine Gun Kelly:

Right now I’m talking to people. [MGK] is in the music business. We’re enjoying each other’s company.

On Playboy:

I would pose for Playboy if they gave me the cover. In a heartbeat.

On if she considers herself provocative
A little bit. I’m sexy and confident in myself for sure.

If feminism still needs to be promoted

Absolutely! It’s mostly women who give other women a hard time so it’s important for women like myself to put that out there and let people know that it’s okay to embrace other women’s beauty and sexuality. It began a long time ago but I now feel like I have a voice to make a difference, and that’s why it’s very important for me now that I have a platform.

I’ve always been sexy and boys have always liked me, but even before I had sex, girls would be like, she’s such a slut. I dealt with that a lot growing up but it’s now at the point where I don’t cry about it, I don’t let it get to me, I just feel like I have a voice now to change women’s opinion.

If there was a time she didn’t like being beautiful and sexy
Yes, there was a lot of times when I was younger I would dress like a boy. I would cover up because I developed very young and I didn’t want guys to look at me. I wanted them to like me for my personality and I just wanted to make friends. And then I got older and got to the point where I was like, ‘It’s okay! It’s okay to be a sexual being, it’s okay to be feminine, and beautiful and still have a great personality that can shine through also.

On what inspired her upcoming slut walk

Back in 2011, in Toronto, there was a woman who got sexually assaulted and the police officer that was dealing with her case was caught saying, ‘If she wasn’t dressed like a slut, then men wouldn’t touch her like that.’ So all of these feminist came together and had a slut walk. Writing things on their body, pretty much being half naked and saying, ‘I still don’t want you! I can wear whatever I want but it still doesn’t mean I want to have sex with you or I’m asking for it.’ So I decided to have my own slut walk because they inspired me. For all equality issues; slut-shaming, double standards, sexual assault victims, rape victims and even guys can come and protest on behalf of their wives, their sisters and daughters.

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