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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Why Buruji Kashamu may NOT be extradited to the US so easily or extradited at all! #HNNOpinion

Buruji Kashamu Credits Channels TV
I lived there 29 years and 10 months and was a Pharmacist among other things. I know how the feds work over there and you need to know the way the feds work too. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is the crime fighting body that handles drug cases especially high profile ones with alleged drug king pins and drug barons. Enter Buruji Kashamu, a Nigerian Senator-Elect from the new opposition party PDP, he is allegedly named in the United States Department of Justice and DEA documents. I don't have concrete details but the feds over there want him to answer to some drug crimes some 20 years ago.

He's just won a big election to be a high power lawmaker making N30M a month. It's called a "Senator", the feds here NDLEA surrounding his residence on a wet Saturday morning and the internet is about to break with his name already trending on twitter are the latest developments.

Kashamu may not be going anywhere with Nigerian lawyers and extradition laws. He might not even be leaving the house at all, meaning house arrest.  Do you know how many Nigerians are wanted for drug crimes and fled America to Nigeria to hide and avoid prosecution? Why are we politicizing this one case? Kashamu's Nigerian and American lawyers will argue that among other things. Obviously, he's just won an election. That's one reason right there not to be extradited. The Chicago judge did not ask for extradition till now!!

He's got to be sworn in May 29th 2015 as well, why hasn't Kashamu's extradition moved forward before now? How many extradition laws are in Nigeria's 1999 constitution? Where is he going to be detained after today and what do the NDLEA want with him exactly since he hasn't committed any Nigerian drug crimes we know of?

If any crime fighting agency should surround his home, it should be the NPF, gimme a break. Why all the show? Knock the door and serve a warrant not surround the house waiting for the first person to come out. On the so called case in America, his lawyers over there could arrange what is called a deposition for him. We are in an internet age where Kashamu can appear in a virtual courtroom with his lawyers, the American feds and all parties present in federal court. This is because he is to assume a Senatorial seat here. Nigeria we hail thee!

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