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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mom taken hostage uses pizza app to reach out to police #HNNCrime

AVON PARK, FL (WFLA/CNN) - A woman allegedly held hostage in her home saved herself and her three kids by ordering a pizza.

The woman used an app to order a pizza Monday with a special request: call 911.

Candy Hamilton, the manager at the Pizza Hut, said she had never seen anyone do that before.

"The order comes through, and she had edited her ticket so on the bottom it said, 'hostage help,' and on the top it said 'get 911 help,'" Hamilton said.

The victim ordered a small hand-tossed classic pizza with pepperoni with the two secret messages added.

The restaurant staff called 911, and Highlands County deputies went to the pizza place and the address on the order.

A spokesman for the department said Ethan Nickerson held his girlfriend and her three children hostage inside the home for most of the day while sharpening a large hunting knife.

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