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Sunday, May 31, 2015

#HNNOpinion 70% of Nigerians on Facebook are smart but NOT intelligent!

TO MY FANS: I read so much garbage online about me. I want to make something very clear. My father Victor Omololu Olunloyo DID NOT make me who I am today. I went to 3 prestigious school on my own money. With a perfect score in the SAT's I attended the oldest Pharmacy school in North America free! At 22 I was making $45,000 a year and in 2006 $112,000. I then paid my way to Broadcasting school and later Public relations school. My doctorate was not dashed to me, I went 6 yrs to study pharmacy, Worked in the morning, Broadcast school at night and PR school school in the evening worked in the daytime while KJ spent 17 out of 24 hrs at the nanny's house. I didn't even get to see my baby walk for the first time or celebrate his 1st birthday which held at the Nanny's house. You were not in my shoes, so don't keep writing garbage online. The stupid bloggers aiming to make money off me could simply ask me. Even my father did not know I had a PR degree or Journalism degree till I came home 2012. I have never lived in his past glory. I can name his 45 appointments in 51 years while you can only name the shortest, Governor for 90 days before Buhari took over. I was there when he was 27 as a commissioner in the first and second republics. I left this country at 14 after WAEC. My father has only been to the US ONCE at a seminar. He found out I was travelling a month before. I was the first to go to school in America in my family and did not speak to my dad 22 out of those 37 yrs. He begged me for forgiveness in 2012 and that's why I started talking to him. My brother Shola Olunloyo left Jan 1985 and has never been home since. Ask my father why? So pls do NOT ever I repeat EVER tell me what you don't know about.

We made ourselves not our father. He also had nothing to do with my sister's appointment as Special Adviser to the Governor. Reach out to the skies and make it on your own. My surname is Omololu-Olunloyo, just like Okoya-Thomas and Fani-Kayode in case you don't know what a hyphenated name is since most of you are not well educated. Only the jealous dumbass illiterates keep reminding me that I lived on his glory. And for the last time, Folake Olunloyo Osinowo is NOT our sister but our 3rd cousin. The whole world calls her our sister. She rarely speaks to us. My father marketed her to the masses as his daughter and that is how she got to the National assembly but he never told us. He lives on OUR GLORY! If I lived on his past glory, Ajimobi who asked me for my background and told me to tell my dad would have given me a job by now in the state Government or contracts to provide services. Enuff is Enuff!

I hope I made my point clear to everyone. I am suspending this page temporarily as I am very upset at ALL of you.


  • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
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  • Kay Plus tell them let Dem know pls
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  • Munir Olorunoje Dr. KOO I am a fan but stop letting this ignorant people get to you no matter Stop trying to explain to people how you earned your credentials because they choose to believe what they want. If they believe you fine if they don't fuck them just continue your work and if you receive hate mail suck it up it is part of the business.
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  • Kola Akindele Kemi, don't bother yourselves with these slaves of backward tradition and culture. They can never understand your stance and philosophy of life. Would the same people ever advise your father to ask you for full forgiveness? The reason our society is non progressive is these arcade believe of " but he is your father/mother". They don't understand not every semen's donor is a parent.
    You don't owe anyone any explanation, just concentrate on your own life and make sure you are a good mother to your own grown up children, something you never got from your father. Remember success has many relatives. It hurts when people claim credit of something they know they never contributed to. Ignore them all and move on!!!
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  • Olayinka Olanrewaju I never liked you;but sincerely speaking,after going through ur write up,you earned my respect,absolutely(#respect_not_liked!).It is clear that a lot of things went wrong with ur childhood in relation with your dad,the boldness to express how u feel about him earns my respect.
    "I never like my mother(though she's late now),but i can't say it due to the society we are in,#not_appropriate(i pray non of my sibling will ever get to read this o).
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    • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo i dont need your respect. you never liked me as if youve met me. i hate fake ppl so fuck off
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    • Olayinka Olanrewaju I never wish to meet a mentally disturbed idiot and a 21century witch like you."What?!,abeg,i can't afford to be infected by the odious psychological toxins you exudes.
      My Neurobiology class taught me that children raised in an uncaring enviroment,most
       times,ends up with a long deficit in two hormones(oxytocin and arginine vaspoperin=anti social!) involved in forming social bonds.I just hope you have not destroyed the lifes of those bastards you call children,"witch!
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    • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Yawn Respect my ass. Sucker wants to attach. mentally disturbed you def are. Read you entire fake thread idiot were jati jati
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    • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
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  • Lukman Aremu Very arrogant!!!! I wonder how your kids will grow up to become!!!! A lesson to all parents to bring up their kids to respect their parents and everyone around them.
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    • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo I love being arrogant you mumu. My kids have already grown up to ppl better that you. One's a security expert, another one works for the US state department. Where are your kids?
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  • Olasunkanmi Kamorudeen Adeyemi Another Emmanuel seyi Adebayo,family problems as usual....oga ooo!
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  • Alhaji Ibrahim Kazeem kemi pls make peace wit ur dad.baba eni ni baba eni...thank God his name speaks volume in Nigeria of today..
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  • Iwueze Gladys If u tell me u started taking care of urself right frm when u were born then i will belv u made urself.
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    • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Pls STFU, u are a product of illiteracy. We are talking about making ourselves. Nobody knows my father in NorthAmerica. he was not there to raise us. U seem confused about the post
      Like · Commented on by Kemi Hnn-Africa · 7 hrs
    • Kola Akindele Kemi, don't bother yourselves with these slaves of backward tradition and culture. They can never understand your stance and philosophy of life. Would the same people ever advise your father to ask you for forgiveness? The reason our society is non progressive is these arcade believe of " but he is your father/mother". They don't understand not every semen's donor is a parent.
      You don't owe anyone any explanation, just concentrate on your own life and make sure you are a good mother to your own grown up children, something you never got from your father. Remember success has many relatives. Ignore them all and move on!!!
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    • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Kola Akindele most definitely, their religious and uneducated backgrounds have caused this. These fools call me to get my uncle, head of the NYSC to put their kids in non boko haram states. Their kids cannot raise themselves to adulthood like I did.
      Like · 1 · Commented on by Kemi Hnn-Africa · 3 hrs
    • Iwueze Gladys Smiless.. Well, i'm not surprise, if a product of illiteracy can reason far better than the way u do then i don't think u are as literate as u do claim kemi. Well, i didn't care to read all so u know, afterall they are same old stories.. but i got the point u are drivin at b4 commenting. I believe making ourselves starts from the foundation. if ur father hadn't laid the foundation, u wouldn't be where u are today. Ok, he wasn't there to raise u, so u say! but u were opportuned to be in a privileged environment, background where u can easily fight to make it, all through him. Well, I don't know anything about ur upbringing so i wouldn't say much cos i know how loose ur tongue is. For the good of u.. Quit scandalizing ur dad's reputation cos it's all turning back to u. In situation like this, u apply common sense and be good "parent" not washing ur dirty lining on social media. insult me if u like again cos that's the only thing u are good at. I'm out of here. Pheww
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    • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo STFU bitch, I didnt grow up in a privileged environment, my dad did not lay any foundation for me whatsoever, Get it in your head were jati jati
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    • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
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  • Olayemi WealthSoul Bolajoko You should stop this rant it's unAfrican, you don't point a left finger to describe one's parent, remember KARMA what goes around comes around someday.
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  • Onuoha Emeaba This lady never had peace with herself, why?
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  • Ololo Simeon Kemi, u mean u sat for WASC at age 14?
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  • Ola Dakabim Since he brought you into dis world he made you what you are Kemi you and your dad maybe on different line today he still remains your father pls settle with him b4 he dies and make peace . love you for your boldness pls do settle with him
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  • Adeola Akingbola nonsense
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  • Abubakar Muazu hmmm! such is lyf, some poeple wanted to be with their parent with pride while others are busy dissociating with their parent with pride. no matter hw bad your entrance to this world is! u can never denied it because u ar destined to be like dat. I pity ur future generation life.
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  • Nwankpa Kenneth kemi.please make peace with ur dad.for u to have peace.Godbless you my dear
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  • Oladejo Olakunle Oladeji Fortune Honestly you are just a confused person right now... I remember reading one of your write ups some years back where u said your dad sent you abroad to school... Now is not your dad anymore?... You should drop this attitude of trying to act like white people... U are from here and there nothing u can do about that... And here, it is very wrong to speak of our parent this way... Please make peace with your dad... So that you can have peace yourself... Wishing you all the best
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    • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo You didnt read that on my post, you read it in my statement during fani kayode's saga with Bianca, My dad sent me abroad for A levels in the UK not 3 Universities in America. Learn to pay attention to details. Only empty headed ppl cannot read my post
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  • Dayo Binuyo arrogant as usual
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  • Jon Olusegun There are many people out there that are more brilliants than but they couldn't get anywhere simply because of their background. Because, they don't have any stepping stone. You could be running your mouth here simply because you don't know how hard it is to come out of muggy area
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  • Adebayo Lanre Its nice to hear from your story from you but I commend those who use lies to hear the truth from you because in yorubaland we have a deep yoruba that says let us use lies to find out the truth from his or her mouth.
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  • Alexander Olusegun Ogunlana Kemi, longtime? Jeje ooooo
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  • Ayodele Alli Balogun err is human and to forgive is devine. Try to forgive so that you will be at peace with yourself. These could be delibrate provocations.
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  • Adebayo Lanre I am not lying its who did not understand what I mean, my point is that if she was a typical Yoruba grown up woman, she dont have to answer does who dont know her background and saying rubbish about her instead of them to ask her, so why open up to them? That's when Yoruba will say and i quote: WON FI IRO WA IDII OTITO LOWO REE, so that's what i mean, thanksgiving
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  • Balogun Ayodele same story
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  • Oluwaseun Adewole Me i did not do anything now.
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  • Alade Kabiru Adebayo Since everyone is wrong, you are the most perfect I have ever seen in life. Keep it up
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  • Dele Akintububo Lolzzzzz
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  • Fasiku Ayobami Godwon Olatunji its ur page madame do what u want with it
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  • Adebisi M Oladipo Did you come home in the year 2012 or you were deported? Please make it clear!! Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
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