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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ed Millband takes responsibility for Labour party loss: Fans call him civilized #HNNPolitics

d Miliband has told Labour activists he is stepping down as leader because of the party's poor performance in the British general election. He said he took absolute and total responsibility for Labour's defeat. The BBC FACEBOOK Talk below

Isichei Cyril That man got the quality of a good leader and also got the interest of the party at heart unlike what we witness in the African continent especially Nigeria. PDP national working committee got to emulate this admirable example.. Muazu you got to do the needful and bow off
Like · Reply · 13 · Yesterday at 12:29pm ·Edited

Omar Arabain May god bless ur people and kill that boko pig soon
Like · 21 hrs

Gbenga Samuel Solomon Adeyemo-Lamidi Fayose has told him to resign,
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Mwijage Bikoche Did Africa send their representatives to learn how gentlemanly election goes!
Like · Reply · 10 · Yesterday at 12:34pm ·Edited

Mayen Imen Brilliant question!
Like · 1 · 23 hrs

Ivan Mark Radhakrishnan We could have learnt something to apply to Burundi before it goes up in flames and WE ARE ACCUSED OF STANDING BY AND WATCHING WHILE GENOCIDE TOOK PLACE.

Africa GOT TO FORGET ABOUT 'ELECTIONS' and instead we will give on TENDER all our Public-Positions...See More
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Umar Shehu Ibrahim we have nothing to learn from you........lols.
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Owor Aroba When will Tony Blair accept the responsibility of the mess in Iraq?
Like · Reply · 8 · Yesterday at 12:23pm

Bernard Pobee Not in Africa. The leader will rather go to court or allege election rig
Like · Reply · 2 · 21 hrs

Happy-harriet Ahiatrogah africa leaders got to learn from this.......
Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 12:22pm

Cj Fenix lool
Like · Yesterday at 12:26pm

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Emi Rates african so-called leaders r centuries away to reach there where they'll stand down without causing bloodshed
Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 12:40pm ·Edited

Meshack Juma I admire such a leader who understands the need of the country.
Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 12:46pm

Suleiman Hameed Asuku Nigeria man will say "he is my tribe's turn, afterall I can't force my people to vote him.
Africans should learn now. Burundi's Pierre and his greedy tribal men should be emulated by this.
Long live Labour party
Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 12:48pm

Renauld Chayira maafrica please do like wise..nt dieing in power with pple swearing n spitting at ur graves..
Like · Reply · 1 · 23 hrs

Tim Godwin Akatakpo Rare show of taken responsibility. Over to Muazu and company.
Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 12:25pm

Joseph K. Yakanu do we have leaders in africa? selfish men called,presidents shame to africa
Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 12:47pm

Osagyefo Yaw Dwamena Mark of a true leader.. David has taken civic leadership to an incredible height.
Like · Reply · 20 hrs

Edward Igesa Rare leaders terribly missed by mother Africa. if your party loses an election u gotta step aside for someone else to lead.

Wishing u well Ed n may u succeed in future coz you're still young .
Like · Reply · 21 hrs

Pasta Muthee Singh Very refreshing unlike the kenyan serial loser.
Like · Reply · 22 hrs

Opio Stephen Fine that was not your time
Like · Reply · 15 hrs

Oceanrun Kwame Lasisi This is one of the things shows that white are superior than us.
Like · Reply · 20 hrs · Edited

Olu Show Better luck next time
Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 12:22pm

Veronica Ajayi I wish Nigeria politicians could behave the same honorable way.
Like · Reply · 15 hrs

Fola Samson Ogunshile This are iconic and great politicians unlike Nigerian politicians instead they will go to court, hires tug use all kind means to retain themselves
Like · Reply · 20 hrs

Afia Agyapomaa Ofosu Awww too bad!
Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 12:20pm

Martin Manyiel Wugol Good leader just do that.
Like · Reply · 23 hrs

Amosu Joel PDPigs should learn from dis nd stop d tom nd jerry game.
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 12:39pm

Alex Munyao perenial losers should also call it quits.
Like · Reply · 23 hrs

Mbah Pascal Unlike in Nigeria where the leader of the disgraced and defeated PDP insisted on staying even when it is obvious that his party members want him quit!!!!
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 12:51pm

Kelvinator Phiri He together with Nigel Farage deserved the defeat, they are all arrogant en had nothing to offer!
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 12:21pm

LoveGod Anthony Real men take responsibility for their actions and inactions while the weak lay blames. This is a lesson to our African leaders and politicians. Stop looking for whom to blame. Fix your problems. Pay your workers and stop blaming others for your failure.
Like · Reply · 22 hrs

Dre Mac Mbewe Bryan wish we had such leaders in africa buh its a far fetched dream
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 12:34pm

Raees Shaikh This is Democratic Approach ~
Like · Reply · 22 hrs

Peach Mcgee Kombat Silvester: The conservatives won by a massive victory. David Cameron is the new prime minister
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 12:36pm

Rahmat Azimi Took one for the team
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 12:20pm

Rahmat Azimi Good on him
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 12:20pm

Denis Nsubuga Besides community elite, these people exhibit a high sense of civilization. African Leaders refer defeat to vote rigging.
Like · Reply · 15 hrs

Bishop Julius Kwame Owusu-ansahCongratulations to Mr David Cameron. Is good to resign, Mr Ed Miliband..
Like · Reply · 20 hrs

Sudeep Limbu The dog has day ......dont be ....a.fool paitence.....
Like · Reply · 23 hrs

George Bandas It will take time for labor party to have strong person like tony blier their X leader and former British prim minister.
Like · Reply · 21 hrs

Mamati Gilbert Do africa aspiring leaders n those in power learn something of value from miliband.that its good to pave way for someone else after your time.
Like · Reply · 23 hrs

Innocent Aibangbe Innocent Admin its bbc africa incase u have forgoten...
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 12:29pm

Nnoruka Chukwuebuka They should leave Mua'zu alone
Like · Reply · 23 hrs

Ada Mba Civilised ppl
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 12:28pm

Menker Casey Hallo ED, who will clean up your mess?
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 12:41pm

Joseph Said Madra Great LESSON to African,s leaders!!. If make an escuse because of UK being rules by white, let Nigeria (African) be your Example!!.
Like · Reply · 23 hrs

Aderonmu Olusegun Oyinbo man, oyinbo mentality. Black man nko? Na sit-tight, na 3rd term, na who want remove me, na do-or-die. Ol boy, this blackman behavior tire me o. Na God do am so? Or man-made? Make una answer me oooooo.
Like · Reply · 15 hrs

Chuks Oyejekwe That's refined politics
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 12:27pm

Solomon Machere Is your brother a better candidate?
Like · Reply · 20 hrs

Suginome Staph Staph We Donts Have Presidents in Africa,and we Donts have Kings and Queens.whats we have in Africa is Chiefs,in Our Institutional Govt Sectors to head of state down to our Traditional rulers they are all Chiefs,so no rule of law nor democracy,and there is no System too,the only systems we had is Rats Race,Judge me wrong if you Can.
Like · Reply · 23 hrs

Lanre Jimoh best option for now
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 12:22pm

Akan Moody That is what we need to see to others politicien to acept the defeat
Like · Reply · 21 hrs

Henry Kaulungu He should not have competed with his brother for the leadership of the party in the first place anyway.
Like · Reply · 23 hrs · Edited

Daniel Kaobi Alozie I wonder how this affects Africa and Africans
Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 12:22pm

Saloki Sanfo Thats very bold with him
Like · Reply · 7 hrs

Indika James That's heroic. I dream that for African leaders
Like · Reply · 22 hrs

Bassey Enang he got quality
Like · Reply · 22 hrs

Tiapo Jude He is decisive as well as objective in fact very gentlemanly. As some of us are saying African leaders should gradually be imitating the democracy or the politics of the West. We all know it took the West decades of centuries to arrive where they are t...See More
Like · Reply · 13 hrs · Edited

Omega Bema I thought it's bbc africa
Like · Reply · 1 · 6 hrs

Barack Mbulo Such things don't happen in Africa, instead losing candidates use rigging as an excuse for their loss.
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