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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

#WomensHistoryMonth Why more Nigerian women need to LEARN from me not get JEALOUS!

Nigerian women IN NIGERIA are always so jealous of everything about me. Is it because of their low self esteem? One girl wearing South American hair glued to her head just called me a SHE GOAT. Does she know what Ogufe hair looks like? A Nigerian man on FB called me from the UK just to tell me that I am what U ladies need. The self esteem is so bad here he said. Why are the ladies here at home so desperate to BE? Why are u wearing false eyelashes, breast implants and Brazillian hair? Have u ever asked the Brazllian chics what hair they wear? It's def not Nigerian. Even Lil Wayne says he's tougher than NIGERIAN hair in A-Milli.

>>I wear wigs and pull them right off at the end of the day. I don't have long hair, never did.
>>I Live a very high profile public life. I make noise all day and get shyt done. See Toronto Police comments below.
>>I'm not married and never been>>My choice. I'm not having domestic abuse. I own glocks. My name is still my fathers name so quit telling me Im "attaching" to my father's name".
>>Madam Governor is my nickname. I aint running yet. Is that too intimidating? I'm not even a politician yet, just a strategist and when I run, u have no choice on the ballot!
>>Stop being jealous. Now TYPE "I love Kemi Madam Governor" hit ENTER and then click the WIG and watch what happens.

WAKE UP LADIES, STOP BEING HOES AND HOOKERS. WE ARE PAST THAT! LEARN POSITIVITY from me and stopped getting commanded by men. Gender equality is the order of my day!

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