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Monday, March 2, 2015

#VitaminKemi Will you drink #Breast Milk to gain MUSCLE? It's in HIGH DEMAND!

You may have heard about weight lifters "juicing" to get bigger, but a new fad is using breast milk to gain muscle. Some athletes are paying big bucks to get their hands on the milk. Thoughts? Here is what Facebook is saying.

    • Megan Kalczynski The milk banks are for sick babies and it should stay that way
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    • Cassandra Petty Gotta love the people who think humans consuming breast milk is 'gross'. Yet drinking hormone and antibiotic-laden cow pus from animals who live a life of pure misery is normal and OK? The only disgusting thing about this is that milk banks are for babies who are in dire need of the milk. How greedy can people get?
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      • Abigail Noble Drake Found the vegan!
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      • Cassandra Petty I'm not vegan, but nice try.
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      • Amy Skinner Hina Cows graze, and sleep. That's about it. With their strength and weight if they didn't want to be milked, they would certainly let us know. "Life of pure misery" is the most ignorant thing I've ever heard. I love when you bleeding heart type try to speak for animals. Did a cow tell you it was miserable or did you just decide it has to be because you are.
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      • Cassandra Petty Oh yes, they live a life of pure joy instead of being locked in spaces too small to turn around and never let out of them. They don't graze because that implies that the average dairy cow is let out to pasture. They're not. They're pumped with hormones...See More
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      • Bill Thomas I don't eat humans either
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      • Rae Anne Baird-Pryjda Amy Skinner are very naive if you think your milk comes from Farmer Joe's pastured milk cows!
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      • Amy Skinner Hina I was raised around dairy farms. Nothing you've mentioned is even remotely true except removing a calf from the mother. How are you not a vegan. If you truly believe all of this is going on then you certainly couldn't stomach eating meat or consuming animal products.
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      • Amy Skinner Hina Rae Ann I know where my milk comes from. I also know where all of the meat my family consumes comes from. I know what it's fed, I know that it's all pasteurized I know how it's milked and/or butchered. I know what's done with the carcass after.
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      • Rae Anne Baird-Pryjda Your dairy farm is nothing like the large dairy farms filled with thousands of cows. They do not bring the cows in at 5am to milk and then let them out to graze til 7pm. That is coming from someone who had a very tasty hamburger last night and have family that have milked for years
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      • Cassandra Petty Any Skinner, your limited experience with family dairy farms is completely invalid.
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      • Cassandra Petty Also, many people know the horrors of the industries and work to change it. How do you know I don't get my products from local farmers or the Amish? Total assumption right there. Still speaking from ignorance, I see.
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      • Leigh Nicoll My uncle had a dairy farm that was just like what Amy is describing, but unfortunately, the active word is had. About 15 years ago it became too expensive to keep the cows happy because the huge dairy farms doing exactly what Cassandra is saying force...See More
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      • Leigh Nicoll The milk banks have their own methods of making sure the milk is clean, though. I know (and approve of) people that sell to milk banks because those milk banks, whether the milk is donated or sold to the bank, are turning around and selling the milk to the hospitals.
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      • Cassandra Petty That's terrible, Leigh. I'm sorry to hear about your uncle's farm. Unfortunately, most people are all about the money and not many will spend more to get their dairy from reputable sources. 
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      • Jeanette Marie Hess They don't get the milk from the banks they buy privately!
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      • Mario A. Gonz├ílez @cassandra.... You're right on the money there!
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      • Cassandra Petty Thanks Mario! It's amazing how easy it is to learn when you research. 
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    • Rachelle Lesteshen Cut & pasting my comments from your original post on this:

      Since our country lacks paid family leave, many mothers turn to selling breastmilk as a way to pay bills and it allows them to stay home with their children just a little bit longer. With my 
      ...See More
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      • Kristie Cook Cow's don't "donate" their milk but it's purchased why should human milk be any less valuable.
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      • Cassandra Petty How can they feel taken advantage of? It's usually donated and disbursed anonymously and it's for BABIES! They can do what they want with their bodies, but being 'fed up' sounds like an excuse.
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      • Rachelle Lesteshen There are informal milksharing groups: Human Milk 4 Human Babies Global Network and Eats on Feets where donors and recipients connect with each other. Pumping breastmilk actually takes considerable amounts of time and supplies (milk storage bags, etc)...See More
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      • Melinda Squibblyy Mullens Cassandra Petty, many recipients demand milk, won't replace storage bags, and say some pretty awful things to their donors. Many people "forget" storage bags too. It's very common for donors to be robbed as well. Donating milk is a rather dangerous field. You would not believe some of the stories I've heard.
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      • Cassandra Petty The only milk banks I had researched when I was nursing were all anonymous. Why don't they donate to a bank set up this way so they don't feel used? Or just say no to the people they're donating to that treat them poorly? If they allow the behavior it will continue.
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      • Wendi McLain Segulin I have donated breastmilk to several women on milksharing sites and have driven 6 hours in one trip and ended up disrespected. I have been made to feel like a drive through window. I have been refused replacement milk bags. I am fed up. I am a per...See More
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      • Leigh Nicoll With my first son I donated the milk to both milk banks and to people. I stopped donating it to mothers because they were horrible to me. Their attitude was that their babies should be more important than my health, money, and well-being. One mom ev...See More
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      • Melinda Squibblyy Mullens Cassandra Petty, if you saw how high my food bill has skyrocketed due to pumping extra to donate to preemies, you'd have no questions about why I except payment for my milk.
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