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Friday, March 20, 2015

#RIPAlexfromTarget #WifiKemistry Can Social Media lead to suicide?

Texas – Alex from Target is a teenager, and a former Target employee, who became and an overnight celebrity. He’s popular among the teenagers who use social media which helped his exposure online.

Alex’s popularity all began on a Sunday afternoon, when a girl shopping at a Target in Texas tweeted a photo of Alex at the checkout. By Sunday evening, the photo had went viral gaining enough retweets, faves, and other teen chatter which got Alex 300,000 Twitter followers. Teens everywhere shared photos he had posted on his timeline, learning about his life, his friends, his family, and his story. Alex was featured on CNN and other major media outlets which eventually gained him a spot on The Ellen Show. Ever since that day, Alex has become an internet celebrity. However, as time passed less and less talk about the Target employed surfaced on social media. Alex’s relevancy began to dwindle and this affected Alex deeply.

It’s sad to report that Alex committed suicide earlier this morning by jumping from the roof of  a target to his death. Listen to my podcast.

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