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Monday, March 16, 2015

#OmololuOlunloyo80 Ireland Blogger Esther Tokunbo Aboderin SLEPT with my dad and went to #Ibefun with him for RITUALS!

ANOTHER ONE OF MY FATHER'S WHORES: Her name Tokunbo Aboderin. She steals videos off my page and my agent tweeted her to remove it and embed it from here and then I wrote her an email  because Robert my agent will take her blog down. Tokunbo Aboderin is a fake asylum seeker who I'm told got into Ireland and thinks she's the leading blogger in Europe. She can't spell and she looks totally like a drag queen. She wrote below:

"Don't fucking threat me. I know all the secrets of Olunloyo, am very familiar with the family. Your dad wanted to date me back in 1980s, my co workers at Fed min of works Toll gate can be my witness. Your mum knows me well. Alhaja was preaching to me to marry him as a 2nd wife. My mum refused, she called alaja an evil doer in the community. Your story is pathetic, though, I knew about all this Ibefun stuff, as your dad told me to empower me. When i heard your video, then i woke up that, there is a possibility that, your dad might use all her children glory bcos his mum was heartless.
One thing i hate about you is, you are so rude and you have nothing. That is why the majority of people would not believe your predicament. You know myself. if you don't want the audio to be on, fine, I grew up in Molete, but i will never rubbish my family, we have lots going on in Aboderins. If you want to relate with me, you put your pride aside, we are not in the category. Am as mad as you. If you want to start with me fine, but you will regret you did so." 

Tokunbo, Its NOT an audio, its a video and I posted the content ON MY PAGE. I spend a lot of time and integrity putting out my content Don't STEAL it! We are gonna take her blog down by morning if my video is not off the page. Thank God I have now met another woman who almost became the prostitute that could have been in Ibefun blood rituals. Someone just inboxed me now that Aboderin in fact slept with my dad and went to Ibefun with him to do blood rituals to empower her and him.

Let sleeping dogs LIE! Slowly I'm gonna be exposing them all. They are all scared now. They are all going down with him. Aboderin even said she has my emails with one man I was luring for sex. I guess she hasn't heard that I expose men that asked me for sex online in 2014 and post their emails after setting them up. LMAO! Can u be any stupid?

She wrote: Thank God am Irish now, your own asylum failed woefully with so many crimes you committed from shoplifting,credit cards fraud, pending cases in USA, later deported. You full story coming up, like i said, u re a bastard for dragging your dad's name on the mud. Oloriburuku omo ale. You are as poor as a church rat

She ended her email with my dad's words that I will DIE soon!

On Sun, Mar 15, 2015 at 11:15 PM, Esther Toks Aboderin <> wrote:
I want you to put up my mails, I am popular already, help put more fire, moto lo ma pa e. I will be in molete for easter ok. You mad. Who cares, read my wall. Oni peku walahai

Never committed or CONVICTED of a single crime in my life, shoplifting, credit cards etc??? See how desperate she has gotten. She's fighting for my dad. Why? Because he followed him to Ibefun for blood rituals to empower her.

Teekay James's photo.

THEN her friend wrote>>Teekay James
" Kemi but you are a prostitue, 3 kids with 3 fathers out of wedlock. Original bastard that drags her family in the mud. Oni pe ku.<<

THREE people in one week telling me I'm dying soon. I made Friday the 13th and the Ides of March. Lets watch them. My spiritual powers are CONQUERING THEM. 

Im about to bring her BLOG down!! Remove my video  THIEF!!

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