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Monday, March 16, 2015

#OmololuOlunloyo80 Blogger Tokunbo Aboderin makes FUN of my handicapped brother, calls my mom a witch!

Tokunbo Aboderin is so desperate now that she has crossed the line.  I will be contacting Ireland Police for her arrest on terroristic threats on Facebook and Oyo state Police Command will be waiting for her here as she said she's coming in Easter. In previous posts she admitted being my father's girlfriend and going to Ibefun with him for blood rituals. I exposed her!

She was tweeting making fun of my disabled brother that her and Ronke's rituals caused. These are the shitty women my mom had to be cheated on by my dad. Both went to the ritualist den. Aboderin is now really desperate:

Kemi Omololu Olunloyo hits her head during an accident at Ikorodu, since then her brain is not functioning. Nemesis is catching up.Karma

Kemi Olunloyo is possessed with an evil spirit she got from her mum Funlayo. Her dad Dr Victor Olunloyo is a nice man,he can't hurt a fly


My brother Akintayo Olunloyo is today's#HNNKids Kid of the day. He is still a kid at heart despite a devastating accident which cost him his livelihood at 8. Two weeks after this picture, Tayo suffered severe brain injury during the 1978 Ali Must go riots where Nigerian college students protesting increased tuition attacked government vehicles as they passed with my entire family in one as we drove straight into the riot from Ibadan to Lagos via Ikorodu road with no notice. His life was saved by the brain surgeon team of late Drs Kwaku Adadevoh and Dr Ojikutu. He is now a quadriplegic paralyzed waist down since 1978 and is now 44yrs old. The plight of disabled Nigerian kids has been one of my causes as many are simply abandoned and forgotten on the streets. In Tayo's case, my father was in an affair with a woman and was doing rituals with her and my grandmother, something which caused us delayed and drove straight into those rioting students. See what this Tokunbo Aboderin wrote above making fun of a quadraplegic. Heard she got it from Wikibin where articles with errors are trashed! SMH. 

Read the post here and Facebook Comments, she is laughing about it. A ritualist woman. 

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