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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Meet Churchill Umoren, the Nigerian Liar Journalist who feeds on Defamation and Slander

Churchill Umoren via Twitter
Many people saw the the twitter conversation this morning between Churchill Umoren and myself. This person now says he's not a practicing Journalist but yet appears to be falsely representing Point blank news. He is now feeding on The female ritualist that slept with my father Tokunbo Aboderin's rants.  I do NOT or know a Tokunbo Aboderin. They say she's a blogger in Ireland who promotes herself as some Iron lady of blogging. Several people were glad that I exposed her and she is now scared so she made up so many defamatory and slander items.

To be told that my mother got pregnant for someone else and came to my dad with it is the lowest form of life known. Sadly it is Gbenga's mom that got pregnant for my dad when my mom was already married. He was born in May 1964 and I was born August 1964.  Pls dont involve my child in her foolishness. She says I had my son for my Best friend called Mary. Absolutely delusional. I've never had a best friend and don't know any Mary. I had to investigate this all. KJ's dad is very mad with her and tells me she was one of his ex prostitutes back in the day. Many ppl say she's going delusional after I revealed that she was one of the women that slept with my father for blood rituals. They are all scared now. I am exposing the biggest scandal in Nigerian history.

Meanwhile Umoren who felt he could demean Adaobi who revealed that FFK was a drug addict, violent with women and impregnating someone's maid was simply told by me not to demean women. This is what sparked he argument. He became fixated over my vagina saying I loved to talk about it online. People know I always speak out against female circumcision and educate on breast cancer and the use of sex toys I promote to women instead of sluting around. Obviously he is not familiar with the facts of what I do. Umoren was definitely a fail. Feeding on someone else's dumb intelligence is the height of madness. He's got his 15 minutes of fame. He should start googling himself in the eyes of my 52 million views on Google. In one tweet he posted a photo of Ice Cube the rapper holding a gun saying "Kill Yourself". He was advocating suicide. People that advocate suicide are the lowest form of scum. His name has been added to the list of those who want me dead.

My father Omololu Olunloyo-U will die soon
Tokunbo Aboderin-U will soon die
Tee Kay-You will sure die soon
Churchill Umoren-Here Kill yourself

Lets watch them all. SMH


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