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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

#HNNTerror #Bokoharam posts video of KILLING of "SPIES"

The sophistication of Boko Haram today with media has soared. Now theyoperate a twitter account, there is still a debate on whether to allow them to have a voice on social media.

The Boko Haram militant group has posted a video which appears to show it's fighters killing two people for alleged 'spying'.‎

The two minutes video it shared on its Twitter account shows one of the victims confessing to being sent to Baga, Borno state by a former policeman so they could point out whoever they see later.

The confession is done with a dagger held behind the victim's neck.

The video titled 'harvest of spies' is subtitled in Arabic, English and French‎ with a sophisticated graphics and editing the group was not known for before.

The Nigeria military had recently said it recaptured Baga with President Goodluck Jonathan visiting the troops in some of the recaptured territories.

There was no identifiable landmark to confirm whether the Boko Haram video was recorded in Baga or not.

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