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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

#HNNOpinion Why #Nigerian youth are very HARD to govern.

Nigerians are very difficult to GOVERN! I have now lived in Ng for 5 mos after 35 yrs. The youth here think everything revolves around them. Children are the future says the North Americans. Not in Nigeria. The youth are not the future here, so much that Nigerians who have American born youth have noticed their children wont live here. Most youth in Nigeria are simply lazy. It is rampant in the Yoruba tribe.

I am from the Yoruba tribe.

Our youth don't like to WORK. They love to beg everywhere in public and just plain disrespectful. In the Hausa tribe the youth are extremists involved in suicide bombs and shooting up the place with AK-47's. So much so that kids as young as 14 were spotted 2 weeks ago opening FIRE at a King's convoy. One of our revered Kings since 1963 almost lost his life. The Emir of Kano. Dr Ado Bayero had to be flown to London with his sons, Look at his million dollar Bentleys. Read more about him here. Emir Ado Bayero's guards were HEROES who took the bullets for him.

I have no sympathy for Nigerian youth. They are brainwashed. I cannot advocate for them easily. They are just too disrespectful. U should see how they talk to me when I rip them on my hometown page. Some are even reading this. The youth abroad respect me more. My time is too valuable to them.

The king died of prostate cancer in 2014.

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