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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

#HNNOpinion #IWD2015 Why I was NOT on the list of 100 Most Influential Nigerian Women #HNNwomen

Someone just called me to ask why I'm not on the list of Most influential Nigerian Women in Nigeria on YNaija? Why should I be? A youth magazine financed from Ayo Fayose's first governorship administration looting proceeds. I don't even like a magazine who told me Shame on me when I questioned why Tiwa Savage was marrying a man with another family. A year after, Tiwa's marriage crashed, I was right, they kept quiet. Now she has patched up her marriage. Always Focus on the bigger picture. When someone gets an award from a U.S. President, a Governor, a Mayor and accolades from the police department of the 4th largest city in North America #Toronto at their deportation, comes home and called one of the 3 most influential people on social media in AFRICA and the only female nominee and only NIGERIAN plus one of two women top nominees, those are the lists I want recognized on. The Toronto sun called my Twitter handle @snitchlady one of the top 10 Crimefighting handles in Canada.

Where are these women on the streets? Are they empowering the Akara, moinmoin or Palm oil sellers, rallying under the bridges, feeding kids on the streets like me?

I saw the list. Status does not make u an INFLUENCER! Last night we were celebrated again by the #SMAA. MY REAL HARD WORK ON THE STREETS IS ALL THAT MATTERS TO ME not bogus lists or that Broad awards nightmare last year asking me for N100,000 for an award. Heard they buy them here.

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