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Friday, March 13, 2015

#HNNCrime WATCH BRAZEN heavily armed bank Robbers SHOOT UP Traffic in #Lekki Killing 4!

The scene of the shootout at First Monument Bank in ‪#‎Lekki‬‪ #‎Lagos‬. We lost 3 officers in total and a girl hawking fish. FOUR killed. If you have any information, pls contact police or dial 112. This video was captured by some ladies in a building and the brazen robbers were fully armed with high powered rifles. 

They shot up traffic and  people were running from their cars in a nother video I saw online. In the end police lost 3 officers and one fish hawker girl was also killed. These morons looked like militants. they were said to have arrived in boats to the FCMB in Lekki Phase 1 to perform this brazen daylight robbery. 

This is yet another reason to support Nigerian police. People abroad were asking where the police was and that we should have had lots more cops there. It is everybody's responsibility to be part of a community to stop crime. A podcast is coming. 

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