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Friday, March 6, 2015

#HNNCrime Black Homeless man KILLED by LAPD was #Cameroonian and former Bank Robber

Booking photo

Late Tuesday, French officials came forward and said Robinet's identity was stolen. The true Robinet is a law-abiding citizen who is "alive and well in France," French officials said.

They said Keunang used Robinet's identity to acquire a French passport to come to the U.S. in the late 1990s.

His death drew international attention after a video of the fatal shooting was posted on Facebook.

The LAPD has said that the officers made contact with Keunang while they were responding to a 911 call but that he refused to follow their commands and instead tried to fight. Police said the man grabbed a rookie officer's holstered pistol, prompting three others to open fire.
He died of multiple gunshot wounds, coroner's officials said. The coroner's office ruled his death a homicide. Homicide is the standard coroner's classification for a death caused by the hand of another.

Keunang had been using the name Charley Saturmin Robinet -- a name he used when he was convicted of a 2000 bank robbery in Thousand Oaks. The shooting has highlighted the difficulties that police face in patrolling skid row, where many inhabitants struggle with mental illness and drug abuse. But it has also reignited anger from those living in the tent encampments and their advocates, who say police tactics are too aggressive.

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