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Monday, March 16, 2015

#BREAKING #OmololuOlunloyo80 Blogger Tokunbo Aboderin Posting DEATH Threats on Kemi Olunloyo! Slept with DAD!

Certified Ritualist Tokunbo Aboderin (Credit:Facebook)

All my father's ritualist blood drinking girlfriends are now scared of my spiritual powers. With the 3rd person telling me I'm dying soon, I am more powerful than ever! Tokunbo Aboderin went from being a lawyer to a tacky blogger and I can't begin to describe the class of human being these women are.  Now she confesses she in fact was my father's girlfriend in the 80's. Where do they bred these whores from?  Nobody has told her of the numerous men I set up last year for asking me for sex hen I exposed them. Ha! Ha! One of them Adetokunbo Adejumo fell in the trap. Disgraceful married man. That's the email she now wants to publish thinking I seduce him. That story is so old 2009 and I posted it all over FB. She posted that mom was evil.

Kemi Olunloyo is possessed with an evil spirit she got from her mum Funlayo. Her dad Dr Victor Olunloyo is a nice man,he can't hurt a fly

Read her posts. She even threatened me coming to my neighborhood in Easter. The Police commissioner will be waiting for her and she will be LOCKED up in a Nigerian prison and the Irish will NOT look her way. I will be communicating with Irish Police this week. Terroristic threats on Facebook are very interesting. Read below.

  • Yetunde Oladejo God have mercy on Kemi Omololu
  • Gbolahan Adenuga Cindy Can someone pls tell me what is going on here?
  • Jelili Adeyemi Unable to read the story here.
  • Tokunbo Aboderin JP Kemi Ololunloyo, ori re ti buru, your dad was my former boyfriend in the 80s. Gov Dr Olunloyo is a good man. the same way you painted your mama when you were flogged like a cow. The battle line is drawn. Madness pass madness
    1 hr · 2
  • Tokunbo Aboderin JP Dr Olunloyo is an African man that can marry as many as he like. You are a nuisance. A beggar at 50. I am not a Linda Ikeji. I grew up in Molete. Madness get degree oooo
    1 hr · 2
  • Tokunbo Aboderin JP Kemi is a lowlife and poor as church rat, at 50 asking your parent to feed you, omo oshi, to fe pa baba e
    1 hr · 1
  • Tokunbo Aboderin JP Kemi Olunloyo, u emailed me to pls dont call u a bastard. You are a bastard indeed, u want to kill dear gov bcos of his money, u begging for food money at 5o. Meet me on tweet. Am not a Linda Ikeji that you always do shakaara for. Your mother Funlayo is a wicked as you
    1 hr · 1
  • Tokunbo Aboderin JP You know we grew up together, omo ale Ibadan
  • Tokunbo Aboderin JP I got all your sexy emails u sent to Akintokunbo Adejumo, you are a liar, you posted that, the amiable Akintokunbo Adejumo Mr. approached you. I sent one of the mail in your inbox. Oloriburuku omo ale, tell ur mother to take you back to ur father at Agbeni
  • Tokunbo Aboderin JP Kemi google eyes, what is d big deal in ur dad married a 2nd wife, you re fighting for ur mum at what age. Victor should be enjoying his old age now, why. Call Funlayo for me, she must declare to the world how she got pregnant for baba welder at Agbeni. Your real dad is baba jorinjorin welder.
  • Tokunbo Aboderin JP Men should be careful before u accept a pregnant lady oo ,shine ur eyes do DNA test. Kemi's mother Funlayo should return kemi back to baba jorinjorin Welder, a proverb says, Ile to nto omo ale ibe ko ti dagba ni. Kemi and I grew up together, 3 kids with 3 fathers. She is frustrated . Your father worked for his own money, why cant you go and work or start wrapping moinmoin for Oja Oba, at ur age 51, baba mi give me money to buy bread. Ole omo ale
  • Tokunbo Aboderin JP All your degrees useless now. I will come to Molete to grag u with cow rope, I wont use ordinary rope thick cow rope, to drag you to Baba Jorinjorin's house.
  • Shawlarh Dar-rosha Harckinsanyah Tokunbo Aboderin JP, abeg ni agbalagba okin binu tan, I no be Gani Faweyinmi her Lawyer but no too para.

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