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Monday, March 16, 2015

#BREAKING Moving Truck picks up My father Gov Olunloyo's Things. We are NOW FREE! #OmololuOlunloyo80

A MOVING TRUCK outside accompanied by my sister Funke Olunloyo the Special adviser to the Governor on education as they were PACKING my father's belongings out of 229 Obafemi Awolowo rd #Molete #Ibadan My father has officially been BANNED by me from ever coming back to his father's house again or as he says, I have spiritual powers and scared of me. The pillar stone in front of he fate is a cofin to him, he sees alot of things we don't see. Ronke Shonaike aka Ronke Olunloyo has damaged him. While they were packing his music CD's and equipment, books, RV, stereo etc etc, I found powders and charms of all sorts all over the living room given to him by his various ritualists. Some powdery things found in January too hidden all over sofas etc. FOR WHAT?

Your blood Powers daddy? #omololuolunloyo80

My spirituality is powerful
GOD only, No Pastors, Ritualist or Imams
All hail the African Queen!
Now my dad, Some irrelevant hoe in Ireland Tokunbo Aboderin and her friend 3 ppl who told me I was gonna DIE soon now beware what I will be doing next to weaken your occult powers. I will NOW be the voice against Cultism and Ritualism in Nigeria. Try touching me and watch yourself turn to ashes! I am 60,000V strong!

My mother raised her hands up and yelled
WE ARE NOW FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank u to my fans who supported me emotionally. Those blocked are already compensated for by NEW fans I gained this week
The Audiobook comes out later this week. #DaddyDearest as I pushed it forward not to distract the Olubadan's 101th birthday, the 1 yr anniversary of the Chibok saga, Nyanya bombing and my dad's 80th birthday all April 14th.

People in Molete are SCARED of me, greet me left and right but today they are praying for me in the mosques, churches and streets.

I run this TOWN! THE END!
Dr Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

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