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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

#BREAKING How Gov Olunloyo tried to kill daughter Kemi Olunloyo with rituals STORMING into her room! #OmololuOlunloyo80

My Facebook Posts>>3/17/15

My father just came in here and tried to choke me. He came in with rituals, shigidis and tiny coffins. #Video is very graphic. If u are on YouTube, CLICK SUBSCRIBE I will have it shortly. After 51 years, my mother has officially ended her marriage to him. He almost collapsed. To think you can come here with rituals to attack me, use Tayo's disability to get in the house, he told my mom that he wanted to see my disabled brother then double crossed his driver and tried to choke me in my room. I seriously damaged his jeep with rituals all spread on the seat, broke his walking cane, the one he points at everyone then tells them they were going to die and NOW FREE! This is now all on tape.

I am taking the video to the Chief Imam of Ibadan and the Archbishop of Ibadan, a copy to the Olubadan, Iyalode and Police Commisioner and Governor.

He can no longer take me bondage. My CV was under his car seat. No wonder I couldn't get a job with the govt for 3years. He asked me to give him my CV to meditate to get me contracts and work in my 3 fields while the Supreme Court of Canada was busy trying to stop my deportation. He asked me to come home and drop the case.

I'm sorry Gov Abiola adeyemi Ajimobi that I trashed that govt jeep. It should have been burned! It was full of rituals! Today is St Patrick's day the day for luck of the Irish. My dad's luck RAN OUT.

To my fans, keep praying until he is weakened completely. It is spiritual warfare. Nobody can KILL ME!

My father was in SHOCK and disbelief to know that my mom ended the marriage. Ronke who took u to the ritualist den can have you to herself. When you are armed with rituals acting like some old elderly statesman just to come and kill your own daughter, you don't deserve a family. EIGHT ritualist deaths attributed to you dad. All the blood you claimed u and Arisekola were drinking, then he tried to kill you? I escaped death today and mom's Pastor says that the one child that loved him the most if she hears what he has done to them, this child will get a gun and SHOOT HIM! That child is Kemi. The world will see the video tonight. I will upload the audio now. You will hear my mom talking to him crying ending the marriage. Go to in 15 mins.

Thank U fans

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