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Saturday, February 14, 2015

#NigeriaDecides President Jonathan showcases road improvements in his administration

Here's one thing Jonathan has done in his administration that people have not seen or commended him for. The roads are safer! He posted on his Facebook page:

"All around Nigeria, this administration has focused attention on the reconstruction, rehabilitation or repair of our national road network.

Of the 35,000 kilometers of federal roads nationwide, we have constructed, rehabilitated or repaired 25,000 kilometers, making it easier to move across Nigeria thereby deepening the integration of our people.

Some of the roads were progress has been made include Benin-Ore, Vom-Manchok, Kano-Maiduguri, Lokoja-Abuja, Lokoja-Okene-Benin andOnitsha-Owerri to mention but a few.

This is even as the Loko-Oweto Bridge across the River Benue has almost reached completion stage while work on the 2nd Niger Bridge is making progress. When completed these bridges will shorten the journey of those traveling between North and South with attendant reduction in travel costs.

This administration believes in the unity of this great nation which is why we continue to invest in infrastructure such as roads, railways, airports and river dredging, to break down walls and make it possible for our people to make connections that foster togetherness, cooperation and peaceful coexistence. GEJ."

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