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Monday, February 2, 2015

#NigeriaDecides Gen #Buhari is in-laws with the terrorist families of Ali Modu Sherriff #BokoHaram FOUNDER!

You better listen when I tell you FACTS.
Old news now coming out. Shit I told you 2013. Halima Buhari is married to Boko Haram in-laws. Sebi I told you that Buhari is a terrorist whose in-laws founded#Bokoharam and that he knows that place like the palm of his hands and even started the insurgency with them and has a knowledge of it over there as him and his buddy Idiagbon now a skeleton, were controlling that place together in the early 80's after they overthrew us. Did you know Yoruba traitor Idiagbon was the Governor of #Borno state at one time. Borno is totally ruined now with 23 local govts out of 27 belonging to BH. General Buhari's daughter has been married to Fmr #Borno Governor Ali Modu Sherrif's brother Babagana Sherrif since December 2012. That wedding took place right after Zulai the older look alike sister died of Sickle cell crisis during childbirth. I was just kicked out of Canada August 2012 and was watching all of them. Buhari then went around lying that she's married to some Christian Igbo imaginary guy. Keep believing their shit! They are all terrorists. It didn't take Omoyele at Sahara to tell you now.

I told you 2013! Oh is Sahara PDP too now? Wake up Nigerian fools, Ali Modu Sherriff founded Boko Haram around 2000 and even made Buju Foi a commissioner. After Buju a main Boko bomber was removed after pressure, they killed some of the Sherrif family and he distanced himself from Boko. Senator Ahmed Zanna also had his nephew killed, he's the one that gives BH rams for Sallah and REWARDS Terrorists.

Trust me when Buhari wins, the insurgency stops up there. Yoruba traitor #2 is Osinbajo, they will start killing us down here once they win. Buhari, ALLAH will PUNISH YOU. You will never see the Presidency IJN.

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