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Monday, February 23, 2015

#HNNTerror Stop feeling sorry for #British Girls who left for Syria to join #ISIL

Stop pitying British schoolgirls joining Islamic State - they're not victims says one Journalist
The latest British teen girls to join Islamic State are not 'missing' - they've joined a murderous cult of their own volition, argues Emma Barnett

Shamima Begum (15), Amira Abase (15) and Kadiza Sultana (16) have legged it to join Islamic State in Syria. They eloped last week and by now are probably shacked up with a hipster jihadi, locked in their homes and expected to crack on with popping out a few kids to populate the Caliphate.

And while I have full sympathy for their respective families who say they haven’t stopped crying since their departure, I am finding it hard to feel the same for the girls.

If you knew nothing about the situation, you could be forgiven for believing these school girls had been abducted. The headline ‘missing girls’ screams out from televisions across the country today. This is the way rolling news channels are choosing to present their story and yet it couldn’t be further from the truth.

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