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Sunday, February 8, 2015

#HNNOpinion #NigeriaDecides Any University Student that VOTES for Buhari will LOSE their future

Buhari used violence to stop the National Conference of the National Association of Nigeria Students while he was in power. I was 20 and in America angry as hell. I came home for the summer and saw students arrested, beaten and jailed by the military just because Buhari hated student unions complaining about many things including their not getting jobs. 70,000 of them were unemployed. I was a Pharmacy student in America and used to come home to work at UCH Pharmacy as an intern learning from June to Sept then I went back to school in the US. I used to feel sorry for my Nigerian classmates. This is one of the reasons our dad NEVER let us come back home after graduation. Nigeria had only 3 national dailies. Sketch, Tribune and Times. Today youth aka students not born at the time want him as our President. He even promised Igbo youth a million jobs. The most hardworking ones that create their own jobs making fake stuff thru hard work. Buhari has ran 3 times, don't give him a 4th cos 3 times a charm
#Lestweforget #HNNPolitics-- Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

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