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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

#HNNOpinion Never let ANYONE especially Nigerians praise you! They rejoice at your downfall

NEVER let Nigerians praise you! I praise myself. Too many are fake and they will rejoice at your downfall.

    • Mide Micheal Shut ur mouth no mata what u say to Buari 99% of nija people love him " Buari is the next president Gbagbe oshhiiiii idiot
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      • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Mide Micheal are u disrespecting me???? Do you see why I don't allow anyone to praise me and I praise myself. Were u not the one praising and sucking up to me last month? Now you are disrespecting me? Thread carefully and dont cross the line.
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      • Mide Micheal KEMI if I praise u last mouth I did it becos I knw u say the truth " I praise u becos i see you as a woman of integrity" bcos u are tryin to take Nigerian to the next level " personally I love you " but ask urself what has come over you ? This is not K...See More
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      • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Listen Mide Micheal dont insult me on my page. NOBODY runs my page. STOP! My phone number is 08131944599. I clearly dont need to prove myself to fake ppl. U need to call and apologize for dragging my work down.
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      • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Social media is not about no damn integrity. Im an opinion Journalist and have work to do. I dont need fake people behaving nice on social media following me. U are fake so be yourself. I hope I NEVER meet you in my lifetime
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      • Mide Micheal Kemi let me tell u something abt Mide Micheal for the fact that I choose to suport u out of trillions women in Nigerian doesn't mean if I see bad tinz u did I should not say it's roung" to be perfectly honest with I love you and I love everything abt you " Ur action " the truth u say the word " and for living Nigerian youth " do realize wat uv cause me with all wat u are sayin on social media ? All my people alyws turn me down anytime am talking abt the truth u alyws sayin " I use to ask them can ngozi okonjo iweala be like KEMI omololu?? They don't care abt Nigerian youth but u do " imagin the 30 trillion stuff " how do u want people to surport u with the people u trust " Jonathan ?? KEMI have this at the bck of ur mind you are different " ur father was not a corrupt man likewise you KEMI omololu " u alyws want Nigerian to be a great country then stick to ur word " we BELIVE in u KEMI I loved u nigeria youth loved u " KEMI don't surport anybody for now " be urself " do u think we don't knw we have a lot of women in government? But they are shameless they are not active but it's only u doing it all encouraging people " most especially Nigerian youth" why ? U need to apologies to me not u " you owe me one bcos u mess me up here u don't knw wat Uve cause me " call me and apologize u should be the one 08067729000 08050904010 Mide Micheal
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      • Oladipupo Sodiq @mide like ur courage just leave woman alone she talk anyhow
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      • Fadairo Idowu Femibanks @michael. Can you paste your voter's card here for us to see. You cannot blame the president of the nation for the failure of the said nation if he acted deligently. There is different between the president of Nigeria and nigeria government bcos president is just a body. Read about separation of power.
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      • Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
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