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Sunday, February 8, 2015

#HNNMusic Beyonce and Jay-Z bid #NewYork GOODBYE--Moving to #LosAngeles

Beyoncé and Jay Z are moving to Los Angeles along with every other New Yorker you know. It seems winter is no longer bearable, and suddenly everyone who lives in the city has urgent work to attend to on the West Coast. 

But even though L.A. is just a short flight away, the lifestyle takes some getting used to. After you’ve relished in the natural Vitamin D supply and your new ability to stand outdoors for more than five minutes without curling into yourself from the cold, there’s a small learning curve. It mostly has to do with acting chill, using crystals, and learning to be kinder to yourself.

To ease the transition and make you feel even more solid in your decision to bail and live in L.A. for a week or two (or, you know, two months), we’ve assembled a collection of beauty products for the culture-shocked New Yorker living on the West Coast. This is what we’d send to Beyoncé in a welcome basket.

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