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Saturday, February 14, 2015

#HNNMemorial #Buhari FORGETS the 39th anniversary of the DEATH of Murtala Muhammad

Gen Buhari's Facebook page is counting down the elections again as the elections are postponed. "Change is coming, Change is on the way. Things are about to change. #ThingsWILLChange" the regular hashtagged post was all that was posted on Feb 13th the anniversary of the real People's General the late Gen Murtala Muhammed. Why did Buhari forget the history of this nation?  

Goodluck Jonathan however as a sitting President remembered. How could a former military leader FORGET a day like this?? Jonathan posted below: 

"Today marks the 39th anniversary of the death of that great Nigerian hero, Murtala Mohammed, who gave his life for this great nation. In his lifetime he espoused the belief that Nigeria had come of age and is ready to play her rightful role as the leader of the Black Race and a hub for progressive government on the African continent. Thankfully, Nigeria has immortalized Murtala's legacy in books and monuments and will continue to do so such that our youth can learn from his life of purpose and commitment to higher ideals. May his soul continue to rest in peace and may God continue to comfort his family as a grateful nation remembers his sacrifice. GEJ"

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