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Saturday, February 14, 2015

#HNNKenya #Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta attends Funeral of Murdered MP George Muchai #HNNMemorial

MP Muchai was murdered in cold blood last week along with his security. Kenyatta attended this very packed funeral  and gave some harsh words to the killers. He posted below on his Facebook page: 

"Today I joined other mourners for the Memorial Service of the late Hon. George Muchai in Kanyariri, Kikuyu. My Government will continue with what Muchai stood for; the fight against these vices will not relent. For those who have killed Muchai, don’t think what you have done will stop this fight. We will continue with what Muchai was fighting. My Government will be firm in the war against corruption and impunity to the end. Muchai’s death has strengthened this resolve. Time has come in this country for us to say No to the few individuals who think they can continue perpetuating evil. We shall not allow a few corrupt, evil and inept people to intimidate others. This country is for over 40 million Kenyans and we shall win this war. To Muchai’s family; be strong that God is on your side, be strong we are with you, be strong that your father stood for what was right."

Earlier in the week he paid a visit to Muchai's family. My thoughts go out to Muchai's family. I hope they find the killers fast!

Photo Credits: Facebook

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