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Thursday, February 5, 2015

#HNNEnvironment Congrats from #Nigeria to our friend #RosRunner @NBC12 #Richmond #Virginia on his 5th anniversary

Ros Runner via Facebook
Meteorology is easy in these parts. It's either dry or rainy season or hot and cold in the mornings of December and January and 87 degrees by 10am as I'm typing this. In America however, there are are 4 seasons. Winter, Spring. Summer and Autumn (fall)

One of my fave weather personalities on Facebook is Ros Runner of NBC affiliate Channel 12  and he's celebrating five years this week. Congrats Ros from all of us in Nigeria!! Below he posted on his Facebook page: 
Today marks my 5 year anniversary with NBC12. It's also National Weatherperson's Day....a nice coincidence. Time flies when you are having fun smile emoticon
This is my longest stay at any television station since I began on this "Weatherman" journey back in 1997. How amazing to be working with such a hardworking and talented group of people....and it just happens to be the station I grew up watching! I'm blessed....thanks to all of you who watch everyday, or when you can smile emoticon I appreciate it very much!

There were nice smile emoticons on this message which vanished after my blog formatting. I love Richmond, Virginia and also connect with Richmond Police too on twitter at my gun crime handle @Snitchlady talking to Lt Dan Minton and helping post unsolved gun murders to help their communities to solve them. I went to Richmond in 1998 for Thanksgiving holidays. Lived in the US 30 yrs and left 2006. 

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