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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

#HNNEducation #HNNKids Congrats to the cute kids EXCELLING in Education at Learning Academy.

Amanada Niehaus-Hard's son is so proud to graduate! (Via Facebook)
Amanda Niehaus-Hard said: "My little boy and his first ABC Mouse certificate. (We had to stay up late that night so he could "graduate.") We love you guys!"
While there are several education pages I love on Facebook, Learning Academy is one of them. I'm here in Africa and the internet brings us together. It really delighted me to see all these lil pumpkins graduating from one level to another. Now let me start congratulating them on #HNNEducation and #HNNkids.

Gloria Allen-Humphries said of her son: "So proud of Isaiah for finishing Level One yesterday. He loves learning and it is fun for him."

This education website rocks! I wish more Nigerians and other Africans get their kids on social media and computers so we can all have this great level of education. As one of the top 3 social media influencers in Africa, I have to get more devices in the hands of our children so they can have access to this. 

I plan to take my laptop one day to Mrs Aduroja's little school in the shed Wonderful God Preschool so the kids can all take a peek at website. She's the lady who lives in front of my house and operates a daycare preschool out of a shed so that parents can go to work and kids can learn in a healthy environment. 

They are about to hit ONE MILLION!! Lets do it Africa!

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