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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Happy 90th Birthday President Shagari!! #HNNPolitics #HNNBirthday

#ShehuShagari90 It is now February 25th 2015

Let us Trend it!!!!!!
President Shagari is 90 today!!

#HNNPersonality He was the #Turakin of #Sokoto as a youth and later became the FIRST EXECUTIVE President of #Nigeria and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Alhaji Shehu Shagari was the best leader Nigeria had says former US President Jimmy Carter. Shagari was toppled and ousted in a bloodless military coup by Gen Muhammadu #Buhari a military dictator who is now asking to taste the very same democratically elected govt he once toppled. My father served 3 months as a #Governor under #Shagari before the coup in December 1983. The Nigerian currency was 0.5 to the dollar and pound sterling during the Shagari era and inflation was a myth till the military came back. Today the Naira is 200 to $1 after years of devaluation by another military dictator Ibrahim Babangida a devaluation which spanned almost 30 years. Babangida also owns UBA, one of the biggest banks in Africa which many saw as a personal interest in the devaluation. NIGERIA is becoming the 3rd fastest growing economy again according to CNN Money in 2014 under the current Jonathan administration. On February 25th 2015, #HNNAfrica will visit Shagari in #Sokoto to celebrate his 90th birthday. #HAPPYBIRTHDAY Mr #President!! #HNNBirthday
Celebrate with me today and drop a comment greeting for President Shagari.

Meanwhile General Muhammadu Buhari is still TRYING to be PRESIDENT on his 4th attempt! SMH. Wonder if Buhari will wish him on his FB page. He's too busy counting down the elections.

Meanwhile President Jonathan wrote a letter to him and it was released in a statement below:

“It is with profound joy that I write on behalf of my family, the Government and people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and on my own behalf, to express very warm felicitations to you. 

“I join your family, friends and well-wishers to thank Almighty Allah for His continued guidance, protection and provision for you in the past ninety years of a life of forthrightness and outstanding leadership with which He has blessed you.
“It is gratifying to note that our Administration can continue to count on the solidarity and support of accomplished, highly respected statesmen and committed patriots like you as we vigorously pursue our national transformation efforts.

“As you celebrate this historic day, it is my prayer that Almighty Allah continues to prosper you and imbue you with robust health as you continue to give of yourself in the service of our dear nation,” the President wrote to Alhaji Shagari.

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