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Monday, January 26, 2015

#WifiKemistry What I told #Facebook when they said I BANNED 4000 ppl on my fanpage

DO I BLOCK PEOPLE A LOT ON SOCIAL MEDIA? YES! I will not be surrounded by certified haters. Facebook once contacted me telling me I had 25,000 fans on one page with 4000 blocked! My friend Seyi was talking to her pal Felix and tagged me in a comment.

Seyi Rockyfella I want to know who blocks more people between you and Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
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Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Yes Seyi Rockyfella I do at all time. I don't entertain BS!

1. Dont call me Ashewo, Im not a prostitute, its not a word u use anyhow. They have prostitutes here in Nigeria on the streets, hotels, universities who sell their bodies for cash. I dont engage in that. Weak men intimidated by me tend to call me that especially those hausa types. Hausa men are weak.
2. Don't call me a user of drugs. I am a US trained award winning Pharmacist that was given an award by a US President, Governor and Mayor for getting the 4th largest city off drugs by the year 2000. U don't like my views, UNLIKE my page and not call me a drug addict. The only addicts I see are ppl addicted to my page who meet me at the mall BEGGING to be unblocked
3. Do not offend my children or father or family members of mine down to the politician cousins. My family especially my children 28, 24. I don't know your family.

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