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Saturday, January 31, 2015

#NigeriaDecides Will #Uganadans forgive Idi Amin? Nigerians are forgiving @ThisisBuhari

Please visit Chinedu Nwosu's facebook page. On the 27th of January he post a narrative titled 'Buhari is Cursed'. It is a fact that all Nigerians most know, and should be narrated to those who might have been born after these events. Execution based on retroactive application of the anti-corruption intervention in Nigeria identified as Decree 20. This action freaks me and that the military dictator who promulgated this Decree without the consensus of the Nigerian population (as indeed is done in dictatorships), superintended the public and unfair murder of young Nigerians, took office by force in a military coup and truncated democracy is fit to be even be presented for election into the highest office in the same country? Only in Nigeria can this remotely be considered in a democratic settings of our current time! Really and truly, only in Nigeria!!!.

Buhari the executionst had neither apologized for this nor addressed this matter as he seeks the highest office in the Nigeria again, this time with your consent. Will you give this to him? Then you would all deserve to suffer because now you have a choice!

Nigerians are truly amazing! If Idi Amin were to apologise and request leadership in a democratic Uganda to protect their sovereinty once again would Ugandans hail him? Not at all! If Hitler were to apologise to Europe will Europe embrace him and elect him President of the EU so he can address terrorism? I think not. You truly are amazing people!

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