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Thursday, January 22, 2015

#NigeriaDecides Why #ThisIsBuhari's CERTIFICATE REMAINS FAKER than EVER! #HNNEducation

Here we are: Buhari's FAKE CERTIFICATE rushed up. See why it's fake below. A typical Nigerian tradition to forge EVERYTHING!

If this is Buhari's result, then buhari and his handlers are crooks. This statement of Result was hurriedly put together and made to look old.
1. Instead of Muhammadu they wrote Mohammed.
2. Instead of Northern region they put Katsina State. Katsina State was apparently created in 1987.
3. There are discrepancies in the subjects buhari submitted to the Army and the ones in this hurriedly put together statement of Result.
4. This obviously fake statement of Result carries a passport! Then, passports were not attached to WASC. Even mine didn't have a passport, and it was just 1994 here!
5. On this released result, they wrote SSCE/WASCE. Then there was no SSCE!
6. Hausa was not offered as a subject at that time.
7. When did it become the Ministry Of Education that issues certified true copy? What happened to the school and WAEC?
Why will the man of God Pastor Osinbajo be caught in this ungodly act? Poor him he looked so uncomfortable during the press conference. God save Nigeria.

Credits: Imade Alonge

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