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Sunday, January 18, 2015

#NigeriaDecides Read how @APCNigeria Supporting #Nigerian Youth WISH @ThisisBuhari AIDS, #EBOLA, paralysis

Nigerian youth don't care if Buhari has been diagnosed of prostate cancer or PDP cancer, they will vote for him. Look at the thread on my page when I revealed that Buhari is battling prostate cancer. Always focus on the bigger picture. they were all wishing him many many diseases. Even with Nigeria certified Ebola Free, They cared less if he was infected and will still vote for him.

Abdul Alabi Kemi, kemi kemi, use your head, its a falsified record, even if bukhari has Ebola I will vote for him, we need change
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Sadiq Danladi Let him have HIV/AIDS,Ebola, Cancer, Epilepsy,Paralysm every desease all join together i and all my families will still vote for Buhari.a

Adekunle Ajisebutu Kemi, this is good for Tinubu. However, we may have another Yardua and GEJ scenario and more Boko Haram terror unleash on us as power will slip again from the hands of born to rule. Nigeria is in trouble.

Ota Igh Tinubu and OBJ are so smart, they want to cleverly use Yaradua formular to take power back from aboki to South again and that will plunge us into more political instability and violence further.
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Lanre Badmos Even if he rules for 6 months and died will be meaninful than 6 wasted years of GEJ,Osibajo,a technocrat is there to accomplish the visions,goals and mission.we just need another hands to handle our country for now.

Enny Temi Endowed Even if is paralyzed I will still vote for him
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Folorunso Azeez Agbaje Even if GMB is blind, my family and I shall vote for him QED!

Sulaimon Oyeniyi postrate cancer or AIDS,come FeBUHARI GMB is my choice.
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