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Friday, January 30, 2015

#NigeriaDecides How Nigerians SUPPORTED the 3rd STONING of President Jonathan of #Nigeria's convoy in #Yola

To my shock there were many negative comments but nothing like one Ikechukwu Daniel Agwu. In some countries he would be locked up instantly. When does free speech cross the line?
  • Ikechukwu Daniel Agwu GEJ should be stoned to death and save us from his clueless self!
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    • Funmi Falodun Influential Newspaper, New York Times, writes, “Mr Jonathan, who leads a corrupt government that has little credibility.”
    • Luther Gbg Ikechukwu Daniel Agwu i advice you chew your words before you spit them out
      Like · 2 · 17 hours ago
    • Kc N Sunshine Guy,wat wil u gain if he dies? Becareful wth wat u say on social network.
      Like · 2 · 17 hours ago
    • Linda Kanyinsolami Akinjisola ikechukwu,, same way ur people will pray u r stoned to death wen you become a leader anywhere..
      Like · 1 · 16 hours ago
    • Ikechukwu Daniel Agwu @ all of u... CHANGE IS INEVITABLE! EMBRACE CHANGE
      Like · 1 · 16 hours ago
    • Luther Gbg @Linda, that guy cannot be a leader cos he thinks with his anus
    • Ikechukwu Daniel Agwu @Luther Gbg I will suggest you refrain from insulting me as I only made my opinions public; ask urself in six years what has the GEJ administration offered the general populace; forget all this GDP nonsense.
      Like · 2 · 16 hours ago
    • Abodunrin Daramola Ikechukwu when you are MARKED now you go dey SHIT for pants, imagine saying that our PRESIDENT should be STONED TO DEATH ??
    • Luther Gbg you think from your anus, else you wouldn't insult the President (GCFR) and expect not to be insulted. do you have the monopoly of insult? If not for GEJ that signed the FOI bill that OBJ refused to sign, do you think you will have the effrontery or gu...See More
      Like · 4 · 16 hours ago · Edited
    • Lawrence Ikperha Na thunder go fire u there.... Ikechukwu
    • Ogunleye Adebayo Adedeji Goodluck will not die and he will lead us till 2019 whether you hate it or love.Gbam!!!!!!!
      Like · 3 · 14 hours ago
    • Komolafe Ayo No leader will die but we want to breathe fresh air of governance!
    • Hamed Olaniyi Ganiu GEJ will not die but, he shall live Aso-Rock to Otueko by May 29 2015.
      Like · 1 · 11 hours ago
    • Mlog Oghale look at ur name Ikechukwu, & you are praying the president get stoned to death? same man who gave you all the freedom to air your opinions, you insult and even rejoice that some uneducated fool (who he spent billions to build schools which they refuse ...See More
      Like · 1 · 11 hours ago
    • Olawale C Martinz Vote BUHARI and this freedom of speech you are enjoying will be deleted. Go and check his history . Human rights , freedom of speech is not in BUHARI's dictionary . Once a military always a soldier . So he can't claim to have repented. He jailed FELA , AWOLOWO and co o just for speaking the truth
    • Olawale C Martinz And don't forget APC is filled with former PDP thieves . So voting for APC is more or less bringing back PDP which means you've been robbed of the CHANGE you are seeking .
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