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Friday, January 30, 2015

#HNNRoyalty LOOK how frail and fragile @ThisisBuhari LOOKED at our palace last night! #HNNPolitics

Sadly last night at our palace (I am the Duchess of Oyo aka daughter of the Balogun of Oyo>>Head of the King's army), before #Buhari left Oyo state, he could NOT answer ALL of my questions. He was tooooooo weak. He speaks 6-8 mins at rallies and has a prostate cancer diagnosis and possibly other over 70yo ailments.

I have only believed in youth becoming our leaders not elderly people. Even the Alaafin looked healthier. He really needs to go abroad and get a health work up. All weekend I will be at @Vitaminkemi to discuss LIVING with Prostate cancer. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

It is not a death sentence. Obasanjo and Tinubu have positioned Osinbajo well to become President one day or even Acting Prez should Buhari becomes weaker. Fayose is 100% right. He should go abroad and get a medical work up.

He never liked Kings and so far we have seen him with 9 Kings in the quest to taste democracy he toppled 31 years ago. He even suspended Emir Ado Bayero and Ooni of Ife during his terror reign stating they did not take his permission to go to Israel.

SMH on the blind voters

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