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Saturday, January 3, 2015

#HNNPolitics EXCLUSIVE: How IBB notified my family of the Dec 31st #Buhari Coup 4 days ahead of time!

Pic: My 48yo father and Prez Shagari at our Molete House 1983
On Dec 27th 1983, I was 19 when IBB arrived at our Molete house at noon. He asked my father to call all the children to tell us the bad news. There will be a coup in 4 days and Muhammadu Buhari will replace Alh Shehu Shagari....meaning our father will no longer continue to be a Governor. We lived in Molete while the Govt House was under renovations. We will never move into it but we were previously going there for our lunches only. Most annoying, IBB sat us all in the living room telling us that our dad will send us back to school in 48 hrs as he has to close the airport so we won't miss school. We would not enjoy New Year's eve or New Years Day with our family.

On Dec 31st 1983, they seized power in a bloodless coup that IBB made #Buhari the head of state as the military Kingmaker. I went abroad back to school and for 22 yrs I never came home again. Watching from abroad, I saw Buhari's govt toppled by his Godfather IBB who took over from him. Many said Buhari could not govern by himself and people did it for him. This is a story I waited 31 years to tell at 50yo. To know that my father could have spent 4-8yrs as Governor of Oyo State Government and changed this city Ibadan and state, this mess we have today with Ladoja impeached, and Akala decamping and the whole state complaining about Ajimobi may not have evolved. Every Governor one term, no continuity.

In 90 days, my father created Sanitation in Nigeria, Yellow Fever traffic officers, arrested a bribe taking NPF officer who did not recognize the Governor. SMH and even shut down BCOS in a censorship act because they were cursing the President on air. What do you think made Olunloyo the most famous 3 mos Governor? Those impacting achievements. With 45 appointments in 51 years both State and Federal he is now almost 80, elderly and frail. Wake up Nigerian youth. This is your chance to END military rule past and present in Nigeria. Keep religion and tribalism out of politics and foster a #OneNigeria. While Buhari locked many people up, my father was NOT. He did not steal a single naira. I have since learned that the coup announcement was made to each individual leader at that time in a sort of agreement fashion. 31 years ago Buhari toppled a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED government, today he wants a taste of it in his 4th attempt. Nigerians must not let him.

The same IBB, military Kingmaker stated that Nigerian youth are not ready to rule Nigeria if they vote Buhari in and also said Buhari was weak. Of course he couped his govt and IBB is technically telling the youth to keep the military out! Some leaders like IBB simply believe that change is due.



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