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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

#HNNOpinion Why Nigerian Youth will NEVER SUCCEED in #Nigeria or ANYWHERE!

I don't invest in building a reputation with any of my so called followers and fans. I am always myself and not trying to be NICE to anyone. If I'm nice to you in person, you are lucky and earned it. If I'm not, then you were a moron. People open their mouths on Facebook speaking anyhow to me and then meet me they are scared and shaking. I am 100 times larger than life in person. I invest in my work and integrity. Call me proud, that's exactly how I WANT IT! Nigerians don't invest in power, blowing their own trumpets and fail woefully.

They follow the crowd. You can see it everywhere, one person studies Agric Science in University, everyone does the same, One woman sells yams on the street, the rest all sit by her selling yams, why are you not setting yourselves apart, one person voting for a military dictator Buhari  who failed Nigeria before they were born, the others voting the same. Nigerian youth can never progress or succeed.

They will never become the future leaders and will continue moving to the past leaders. That is why Buhari and Osibajo's generation needs them. The dumbasses and mumus taking us back TO THE PAST. IBB already said the youth keep bringing them back and they will never lead Nigeria. Below is what Oby tweeted yesterday. When I tell you I'm the most intelligent woman in Nigeria, you better listen. Stuff I've been saying since I returned here 2012.

Watch the video on Monday January 19th 2015 under the bridge in Molete, Ibadan talking to young male youth about their future.

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