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Saturday, January 17, 2015

#HNNImpact Why I will be PUNISHING my Facebook Fans in 2015 and Rewarding My Twitter /Instagram/Pinterest fans

Adekunley Sunday Adewunmy via Facebook
This guy who Adekunle Sunday Adewunmi cannot even spell his name properly wished me breast cancer and the other called me a fake Journalist because of this story I posted on the leakage of Gen Buhari's prostate cancer records, I have now banned you permanently from my community. You will no longer have access to any of my pages. Your name will highlight black so if you like any of my pages u will be automatically blocked.

Breast cancer killed 2 of my family members and I am determined that it won't run thru me. As an ambassador to the cause, I have consistently educated Nigerians by showing you how to do a self test exam, posting a video on Youtube and pictures of me in my bra. You wonder why I call you morons when you cross the line. I spend a lot of time and integrity on my pages and will stop posting news for my FB followers anymore. You will have to join Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc as from now.

Thank U folks!!

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